The Media is Wrong: Trump’s Debate Message Wasn’t Directed at Them!

From Conservative Byte:

The pundits would have you believe that Donald Trump suffered a debate defeat against Hillary Clinton on Monday night. What they fail to realize was that Trump’s message was not directed to them. The Donald drew a perfectly clear line defining the differences between Hillary and him. This was not lost on the audience. The final image is the Hillary was too polished and The Donald was down to earth for the working man.

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By Kathryn Blackhurst,

Most political pundits felt that last night’s first presidential debate was a resounding beat-down for Donald Trump. Standing up against a prepared and polished Hillary Clinton, the GOP nominee was handed a defeat. [keep reading below]

To be fair, Trump could have been more polished. He let some key opportunities slip by that would have allowed him to hammer Clinton. He let his responses to questions over his own controversies linger without pivoting to Clinton’s own scandals and deeply entrenched failures.

But the takeaways for elites in the media don’t necessarily represent what the average American voter thought of the first Trump-Clinton debate.

“Everything seems a little clearer, I think, to people after the first presidential debate. And, I think, in the end, the pundits view the debate through a far different lens — a different lens than the regular person who watches this,” LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Tuesday…


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