Washington Post Is Writing a Book on Trump, But We Haven’t Even Seen Obama’s Birth Certificate?

So we’re getting a book on Donald Trump covering every part of his life, but we still haven’t seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

A book on Donald Trump is coming out that will allegedly cover his entire life. Trump is fighting back! As Newser.com reported,

Donald Trump seems to have a big new target in his sights: Amazon.com and its founder, Jeff Bezos. In a Thursday interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump accused Bezos of using his Washington Post to try to keep Trump out of the White House. Why? He said Amazon has a “huge antitrust problem” and Bezos is afraid that Trump will go after the company as president. He also said the site is “getting away with murder tax-wise” and that Bezos is using the Post “for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed,” reports Reuters.

Apparently, this is a response to Bob Woodward’s announcement that the Washington Post has twenty reporters working on a book-length expose. The pro-transgender Libertarians at Reason.com are not impressed.

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In an interview with Fox News last night, Donald Trump issued a thinly veiled threat against The Washington Post, suggesting that the paper’s investigations into his background were in fact part of a tax dodging scheme, and hinting that as president, he would crack down on such behavior. Trump’s remarks were a clear attempt to intimidate his political critics, and they should terrify anyone who is concerned about abuse of government power, executive overreach, or freedom of the press.

I believe in the First Amendment and I don’t want Amazon.com taxed (I’d rather lower taxes on other businesses to create a more even playing field). But do these remarks by Trump prove that he is, as Reason claims, “a bully and an authoritarian”?

Give me a break!

What Donald Trump is doing is trying to win an election against a hostile media that has never given us a look at Barack Obama’s birth certificate or even his college transcripts. I don’t go in for speculation that Obama was born in Kenya but it still would have been nice for the media to do its job not only by delving into the most basic facts of his history but also alerting the nation to his use of “truth squads” to intimidate voters. Donald Trump hasn’t gotten local officeholders to threaten people for what they say; Obama did that!

So excuse me if I don’t think Trump expressing an opinion about what he might do as President that big a deal.

Reason.com is hoping for a Hillary win and a 15 percent vote for a Libertarian candidate, or something close. That would be a big deal to the perpetual loser party. Thus, they magnify every flaw in Trump, real or imagined. But the real story here is that we have more evidence that a major newspaper is dedicated to destroying the GOP candidate.


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