Media Worried as Trump’s Message about a Rigged System Resonates with Voters!

If he is losing to Hillary, then how can the Trump message about a rigged election appear credible to non-supporters?

The media has been constantly mocking and moralizing about the Trump message that this election is rigged. Supposedly, making this claim is dangerous. But the American people find the Trump message convincing. Reuters admits this:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gained on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton among American voters this week, cutting her lead nearly in half, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling released on Friday.

The polling data showed Trump’s argument that the Nov. 8 election is “rigged” against him has resonated with members of his party.

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“Remember folks, it’s a rigged system,” Trump told a Pennsylvania rally on Friday. “That’s why you’ve got to get out and vote, you’ve got to watch. Because this system is totally rigged.”

Clinton led Trump 44 percent to 40 percent, according to the Oct. 14-20 Reuters/Ipsos poll, a 4-point lead. That compared with 44 percent for Clinton and 37 percent for Trump in the Oct. 7-13 poll released last week.

An average of national opinion polls by RealClearPolitics shows Clinton 6.2 percentage points ahead at 48.1 percent support to Trump’s 41.9 percent.

This is a startling admission by Reuters, but I suspect it is still inadequate. Remember, the polls are not objective predictors of anything. In fact, Wikileaks has shown us that they are means of Democrat propaganda. As Zero Hedge posted,

Now, for all of you out there who still aren’t convinced that the polls are “adjusted”, we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to “manufacture” the desired data. The email starts out with a request for recommendations on “oversamples for polling” in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

“I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.

The email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with the following poll-rigging recommendations.  In Arizona, over sampling of Hispanics and Native Americans is highly recommended:

“Research, microtargeting & polling projects
–  Over-sample Hispanics
–  Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets)
–  Over-sample the Native American population

For Florida, the report recommends “consistently monitoring” samples to makes sure they’re “not too old” and “has enough African American and Hispanic voters.”  Meanwhile, “independent” voters in Tampa and Orlando are apparently more dem friendly so the report suggests filling up independent quotas in those cities first.

So the recent gains we see Trump making may be nothing more than the polls lying less. Since they don’t want to be that far off when the election results are in, they are getting more accurate.

After all, if Trump was as unpopular as the polls claimed, then why would people believe the Trump message of a rigged system? Why would they completely dismiss the media barrage of emotionalism mocking the Trump message as whining and maligning it as subversive? They would have to despise the media and believe Trump to agree that the system was rigged.

Those people would almost all have to already be Trump supporters!

Once again, the data leads to the conclusion that the polls have been rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor and are now less biased to reduce embarrassment on election day.

Here’s some wisdom from the Left.


I still don’t claim to know who will win, but there is no reason for despair. Don’t listen to the media!

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