The Media is Using Trump to Help Hide Hillary’s Sins

Unless you are living under a rock or have an amazing life that affords you the ability to not care about such things, then you know that last night was the third and final Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t as riveting as the second debate – filled with well-timed zingers and knock out punches, mostly delivered by Donald Trump.  Instead, last night’s debate was much calmer than the previous two, and the questions asked of the candidates, specifically, Hillary Clinton, were much more relevant.

Nonetheless, the incomprehensible part, in all of this, is that Hillary is even a contender.  How is she able to stand, on a national stage, before the American people, with those “perfect” dentures, grinning and doing her little shimmy as though she’s clean, reputable, trustworthy, and fit for office.

Oh my, even as this is being typed, the answer is becoming clearer.  She would never have been able to stand next to the likes of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Macro Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, maybe even Jeb Bush.  Perhaps the ONLY way Hillary can stand upright, on a Presidential ticket, is next to a Donald Trump.

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Hillary is a crook.  She’s as crooked as a dog’s hind legs.  Standing there, on stage, in a white pantsuit, no less, trying to look as pure as the driven snow.  There is no walking down the hall of shame for this woman.  There is no blushing.  Continuously, we hear that Trump is making one unprecedented statement after another.  The fact that Hillary is running for President is unprecedented.  Have we ever, in American history, had such a well-known crook running for office?  Specifically, one we knew to be a crook?

Perhaps only next to Trump could the media ONLY focus on Trump’s misspoken words and not the FACT that Hillary was directly responsible for the needless loss of 4 American lives in Benghazi.  Then, to add injury to insult, Hillary was directly involved in the ridiculous cover-up story that Benghazi was the result of some kid’s video in Los Angeles, which mocked Mohammad, the Muslim prophet.

Perhaps only next to Trump could the media focus relentlessly on those 9 women who have all crawled from under rocks to spout lies about Trump groping them, and not the FACT that Hillary illegally, intentionally, and colluded with others in the deletion of over 33,000 emails.  That’s a crime, folks.  Or, the FACT that while in the State Department she lost $6 billion.  Or, the FACT that while in the State Department she engaged in Pay-to-Play activities.  This is disturbing on so many levels.  She received millions of dollars from Arab nations in return for special meetings to be arranged and special deals to be given.  Qatar sent an email stating they wanted to give Bill Clinton $1 million as a birthday gift in return for 5 minutes with him.  How is this allowed?  How is this nation not enraged by this obvious affront to our national sovereignty?  One of the more disheartening moments during the debate is that Chris Wallace did not pin Hillary down on her Pay-to-Play activities.  Similar to how the liberal moderators on CNN tried to pin Trump down on explaining un-vetted rumors.

Perhaps only next to Trump could the American people consider engaging in another failed “social experiment” with electing the first female President and not focus on the FACT that Hillary is directly responsible for creating ISIS who is now in 33 countries and is the number one threat to our national security.  How can we not focus on the FACT that Hilary is 100% responsible for the failed Russian Reset?  Hillary took part in the horrifying and absolutely ridiculous Iran Deal that guarantees Iran will become a nuclear entity sooner than later.  Hillary is directly responsible for the terrorist breeding cesspool Iraq has become.  Everything this woman has touched has turned to fecal matter.

Perhaps only next to Trump could the American people NOT focus on the FACT that Hillary reiterated last night, her belief, that unborn children are NOT constitutionally protected.  As such, they are at the mercy of another person on whether or not they get to live or die.  They’re not even protected past the “magic” three month period that most say it’s okay to sniff out their little life.  According to Hillary, even in the 9th month, even right up to the moment of delivery, even when we all know that this is not some lump of clay but a well formed human being, that little citizen is still NOT constitutionally protected.  How barbaric is she…are we?  We have become a perverse generation of people to allow such base thinking to be uttered on national TV.  This is not progress, people.  It’s a regression back to the Stone Age.

Oh, this list of “perhaps” could go on and on my friend.  Hillary is a crook.  A thug in heels.  An unrepentant, dare I say it, politician.  This election is about much more than “ovaries.”  We can only hope the majority of the American populace recognize this FACT.  If Hillary wins, we will all inherit a whirlwind of confusion, distractions, and chaos.

Lord, help us.

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