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Media Tries to Lie About Trump’s Tennessee Audience, Get Totally Owned

Once again the media tried to lie about President Donald Trump, this time pretending that his Nashville, Tennessee event was a bust with only a piddling 1,000 rally goers in attendance. The real number was over seven thousand.

Not long after the event was in the history books, The New York Times posted its story on the rally and insisted that only about one thousand people showed up.

After the fake news report, the president blasted the Times for its blatant lies about how many people turned out in Nashville.

Trump jumped to his Twitter account to scold the paper saying, “The Failing and Corrupt @nytimes estimated the crowd last night at ‘1000 people,’ when in fact it was many times that number – and the arena was rockin’. This is the way they demean and disparage. They are very dishonest people who don’t ‘get’ me, and never did!”

It was hard to track down an exact estimate of Tuesday’s crowd size, however, the capacity of the building is reportedly about 9,500. Some reports also noted that a few small areas were blocked off to allow people to access. Still, it is a sure bet there were at least 5 thousand participants in attendance at the least.

I have covered some Trump rallies and they always draw more than can fit inside the venue. And we know that the same happened in Nashville as many were lined up outside to show their support during the rally. They were there even though they could not get in. Many stayed even during the rain.

So, yes, it was pretty easy to assume that The New York Times lied when it said that there was only 1,000 rally goers at Trump’s Nashville event.

Sure enough, before half the day was through, the paper itself had to admit that, yep, they delivered us all more fake news. By noon, the author of the fake news was tweeting out her mea culpa.

Regardless of the media lies, there were some great moments during the rally.

Among the many great lines President Donald Trump delivered at his Tuesday rally in Tennessee, he said that we “aren’t going to be stupid anymore” with our immigration policy.

Trump slammed left-wing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for their un-American policy ideas on immigration.

As Fox reported, Trump warned the audience that Schumer and the MS-13-loving Pelosi don’t want to secure our border.

“Chuck and Nancy— they don’t want the wall. They want open borders. They’re more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you,” he said.

Trump continued slamming the two Democrats:

And then, of course, you have the wonderful lottery system that was started by Chuck Schumer, or sometimes referred to as ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer,’ right? He is so — I know him for so many years. I knew him from New York so long. Cryin’ Chuck, remember he was crying. He was so sad. He got up, he was working those tears. He was trying so hard. He was trying so hard that actually, they weren’t tears, it was sweat. So Cryin’ Chuck wanted to have a lottery system.

So they put names, and we pick the names, and they come in, and then we wonder why we have problems. We’re not going to be a stupid country anymore. We’ve stopped it. We’re not going to be.

And you can say what you want, but I think border security and security general is a great issue for the Republican Party. I think it’s a great issue. Not a bad issue. So if you want the strong borders, if you want crime to stop — and by the way, as a country, we have it way down.

Amusingly, the same Times writer who lied about Trump’s crowd size also lamented that a kid at the rally had joined in on the cries of “fake news” the crowd engaged in.

“Depressing sight at Trump rally in Nashville,” she tweeted. “Adorable young boy, probly about my son’s age, pointing iPhone at me & other reporters & snapping pix while screaming ‘FAKE NEWS!’ A child who will grow up believing a free & fair press is the enemy, a bad thing, to be mocked & hated.”

Of course, writer Julie Davis is a liar all the way ’round. While I have no doubt she saw a kid yelling fake news, her characterization of it was just another self-serving lie.

Conservatives do not think that a “free and fair press is the enemy” to the country. Not a one.

What conservatives do think and what they are teaching their kids is that the press we have today is the enemy to the nation. Not because they are a “free press,” but because they are sold out to the far left, anti-American forces trying to destroy this country. The press is not “free” so much as having chosen a side.

Conservatives would love a “free and open press.” But what we have now IS an enemy, not a press corps serious about reporting the facts. They view themselves as the voice of the far left, not the voice of Americans.

Indeed, her own lies aimed at materially harming the president — not aimed at reporting any truths — is a perfect example of how the media has aligned itself against us.

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