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Media Smears ‘White Woman’ Who Beat Elderly Hispanic Man, But There’s A Problem

The media went wild over the last few days about the story of a 91-year-old Hispanic man who was brutally beaten in Los Angeles by a “woman” who was yelling that he should “go back” to his country.

The media played the story without bothering to tell race of the “woman” and many liberals went crazy to attack “Trump’s America” because “white women” are now trying to kill Hispanics. Only there was one problem with the left’s narrative: the “woman” ended up being black.

Still, without knowing the race of this vile thug who attacked the aging man, liberals were up in arms about the evils of Americans when reports emerged that an elderly Hispanic man was beaten with a brick and told to “go back to your country.”

Over the July 4th holiday, a 30-year-old black woman named Laquisha Jones allegedly beat up Rodolfo Rodriguez, a 91-year-old Hispanic man who is a permanent, legal resident of the US. The Los Angeles police arrested Jones and charged her in the beating.

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But, most of the original stories published about the incident either completely neglected to mention this thug’s race, or only mentioned it once and didn’t play up the attacker’s race.

The Washington Post, for instance, did its best to hide the fact that the attacker was a black woman. Indeed, the world “black” is only used once in the whole July 9 story as seen on the paper’s website.

While the attacker is identified in the story one time as black, everywhere else in the story, the attacker is only called a “woman.” The headline does not mention the attacker’s race nor does the first paragraph. It isn’t until the fifth paragraph that “the woman” is identified as black.

Many other media outlets also either buried the attacker’s race or didn’t mention it at all. KABC in Los Angeles, for instance, never once reported the attacker’s race. Similarly, CNN reported that the suspect in the beating was just “a woman.” And NBC did the same, just calling the attacker “a woman” with no mention of her race. These few outlets weren’t alone, almost no report mentioned the attacker’s race.

Now, you all know that if the attacker was a white person, her race would have been mentioned in the very first sentence if not the headline (and more likely both).

Indeed, Daily Caller made that point when it noted that the Post’s story of a black woman beating up a Hispanic man spends no time on the attacker’s race, yet the same Washington Post went out of its way to note that a “white man” called police on a woman at a pool.

As Gateway Pundit notes, Twitter user Rosie Memos also pointed out that several left-wing media outlets (but I repeat myself) also refused to even show a photo of the attacker as identified by police.

Naturally a host of liberals jumped to Twitter to try and blame President Donald Trump for the attack… and you can bet every one of these libs thought it was a white person who beat up the Hispanic man.

One of the worst leftists who immediately began blaming all those “racist whites” and Trump was liberal white activist Amy Siskind who stampeded to Twitter to go on the attack as soon as she read the story.

Siskind immediately blamed a”white mother” for the attack and said she did it at the goading of President Donald Trump.

“A white mother beat a 92-year-old Hispanic man with a brick in the face on Independence Day,” she wrote in a tweet according to Daily Wire. “He has legitimized the worst of us: ‘Go back to your country, why are you here, bad things.’ F*** racist [White House advisor] Stephen Miller and his $80 sushi.”

But as Daily Wire notes, Siskind junped to her Twitter account and went off without any facts at her disposal.

But Siskind’s crafted and politically-motivated narrative is false. It turns out that the suspect is a 30-year-old black woman identified by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as Laquisha Jones. Not a “white mother.”

Naturally, as soon as Siskind belatedly learned that it was a black mother and not a white mother who nearly killed the elderly Hispanic man, Siskind quietly deleted her accusatory tweet without bothering to tell her Twitter followers that she deleted it and why.

Indeed, DW’s Ryan Saaverdra found quite a few instances of Siskind lying to advance her left-wing, anti-American agenda.

But, wouldn’t you know it, this liberal liar is sick and tired of lies… from other people:

A host of other liberals on Twitter also jumped to Twitter to attack white people and Trump:

So, once again, without knowing the facts, the left immediately uses a crime or tragedy as a political weapon to attack Republicans, conservatives, whites, and President Donald Trump.

Just remember, all liberals are liars.

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