Media Scorns Donald Trump Then Reports on New Terrorist Attack

The new terrorist attack underscores concerns over open immigration and public safety.

So after a week of criticizing the Republican Convention, CNN had to acknowledge real world concerns. The spokesman does his best to spin it:

According to Fox News,

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A massive manhunt is underway in Munich after a suspected terror attack on a city shopping mall where “multiple” people are feared dead.

There was no official casualty report from the scene at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall, but German public broadcaster BR reported that at least six people had been killed. Germany’s dpa news agency reported that police spoke of an “acute terror threat” and “expect multiple dead.”

Munich’s transit system was shut down and police asked people to avoid public places. The U.S. Consulate in Munich echoed that warning, advising American citizens to “shelter in place”. Highways heading out of the city were closed and vehicle checkpoints were established.

At the time of this writing the culprit had not been caught. I’m sure Angela Merkel and many other ruling politicians in Germany are praying the shooter is racially European. There are mixed reports. The police said Islamic terrorism was not involved and others heard shouts of “Allahu Akbar.”

More likely, once again, Donald Trump’s message is underscored by events in the news.

The United States is not as vulnerable as Europe, yet. But the disgraceful behavior of politicians in Europe shows us that our own politicians won’t back down or rethink their policies even when the damage becomes undeniable.

Remember, it is not just terrorist attacks that are a concern. By forming foreign populations within their borders, Europe has imported honor killings, mass sexual assaults, and other crimes. That’s what happens when you invite an Islamic army into your territory while pretending it is for the children.

This means we not only have lone actors but we have embedded in these nations support systems for these perpetrators. For example, the French government now says that the truck driver in Nice who killed all those people had collaborators of both citizens and residents.

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