Why the Media Refuses to Compare Crowds in a Few Pictures

There is a very real reason that the mainstream media is doing their best to avoid painting an accurate picture for you about the crowds the presidential candidates are seeing at their events. It has to do with “the Big Mo”. In sports, most athletes (and fans) know how important “momentum” can be for a team during a game, or even during a series of games. The same can be said of momentum’s importance in the political arena. Oftentimes perception is reality, and momentum can make a break a political campaign.

This is why the mainstream media is constantly overestimating the crowds at liberal events – think the Occupy movement, the “Million Man” March, a Hillary Clinton rally, or a pro-choice event in Texas – yet, when it comes to estimating the crowds at a conservative event, they’ll downplay the numbers – think the March for Life, a Rolling Thunder ride, or a Donald Trump rally. The media understands that the optics of small liberal crowds versus large conservative crowds can breathe life into the conservative movement while killing excitement among liberal activists. So, instead, the media pretends that 5 liberal loons protesting an event is news, while hundreds of pro-life Christians praying at a clinic is just another Saturday night.

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We can really see this media philosophy playing out in the Trump vs. Clinton campaign.

Donald Trump held a rally on Monday in Fort Myers, Florida that packed out an 8,000 seat arena and saw scalpers selling tickets outside! Did you hear about it on CNN? Of course, not.



Meanwhile, in the liberal bastion that is Philadelphia (where some precincts saw 100% vote for Barack Obama) at Temple University, Hillary Clinton could barely muster a couple of hundred people.





Differences that massive in the crowds being drawn should be headlining the nightly news, but it’s not. Thankfully, while the mainstream media won’t cover the disparity in enthusiasm between Trump voters and Clinton voters, they can’t do anything to stop us from doing so. The Clinton campaign should be getting nervous about the excitement that is building on the side of the Trump campaign; the media won’t be able to ignore what’s happening for much longer. In fact, over on NBC this past Sunday, reporter Katy Tur explained just how astonishing the enthusiasm gap is between the candidates this year.

We would see Trump voters wait in negative-five degree snowy temperatures for hours on end, six hours, to go see Trump at a rally. My question is, are they going to wait on long lines to vote for Trump? Yeah, I think so. Are Hillary Clinton voters going to take a day off work and wait in lines to vote? That is the big question. The excitement level is a little bit different on the Trump side, because they are so enthusiastic about him.

Get excited, folks. Momentum is on the side of the GOP and the building enthusiasm can only serve to help us win in November.

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