Media Protecting Hillary Clinton by Scapegoating a Good Journalist!

With the announcement that the FBI is still investigating pay for play between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation the mainstream media had to find a scapegoat to protect their candidate. As part of the pay for play investigation, more than once the FBI interviewed Peter Schweizer, the man whose book “Clinton Cash” broke the ice in the Hillary Clinton pay for play scandal. As soon as that news was published the media found their perfect scapegoat, Peter Schweizer.

Even before the book was published the Clinton machine and their lemmings media were creating attacks to trash the book. But it wasn’t easy, because ‘Clinton Cash’ was different. Rather than a personality based book with un-provable hearsay information about who cussed who, Peter Schweizer presented facts, events, spread sheets, and meticulously documented his sources, including tax records and government documents.

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From the beginning Schweizer never said ‘Clinton Cash’ proved crimes, only that his book showed a pattern of behavior that warranted further investigation. A fact that almost twenty months since the book was published most ‘reporters’ have forgotten as they targeted the book and the author this week.

For example “CNN Newsroom pointed the finger at conservative author Peter Schweitzer for the “growing turmoil” at the Bureau over the investigations.”

I guess they haven’t been paying attention because in the weeks leading up to Comey’s announcement there were stories about discord at the FBI because of the director’s decision not to prosecute Hillary on the email scandal. In fact one report said that because of his email decision there was a pile of agents’ resignations on his desk.

CNN’s coverage was so laughable they even screwed up basic facts. For example in the quote from Even Perez below, if you check out what I hi-lighted in red:

It turns out that a lot of what they had, Carol, was based on this book called Clinton Cash. It was published by Peter Schweizer, and he’s now an editor at Breitbart. But a lot of the allegations in there have not been substantiated.

Schweizer did not self-publish his book, it was published by Harper Collins a major publishing house.  Peter is not “now” a Breitbart editor he’s been for over six years. Schweizer was hired by Andrew Breitbart in 2010 to run the new site “Big Peace.” I should know that because I was his best reporter (okay that last part about best is opinion–mine)

As far allegations not being substantiated, that’s an interesting statement which I believe deserves the BS Button.  Schweizer’s book presents facts…


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