Media PC Police are Helping Trump win on New York Bombing

When you hit the media PC Police hard enough they step on their own dictaphone.

That’s exactly what you are seeing right before your very eyes. Hilary Clinton tries to accuse Trump of jumping to conclusions on calling the “bombing” what it is. Hillary makes herself look really stupid by referring to it as a “bombing” right before she accuses Trump of jumping to conclusions. The media PC police are so desperate to stop Trump, they are fumbling and bumbling all over themselves. They blow it in trying to help Hillary because she’s stumbling all over herself too. Red State is a “Never Trump” site and they even admit Trump is killing the media PC Police.  The media is realizing their wall protecting Hillary is falling apart, and Trump cannot be stopped.

The media PC Police are losing badly on painting Trump as anti-law enforcement.

They realize Hillary is down in the polls across the board and their desperation is showing. First they accuse Trump of profiling. That line of attack is falling flat on it’s face in light of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in New York City.  Hildabeast calling Trump a traitor is pure gold. The media is going to carry Hillary’s water for her on this line of attack and all this does is help Trump.

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The thing is, Hillary’s been playing it safe. Hildabeast now realizes Trump is ahead. When she thought she could play it safe, she separated herself from Obama’s weakness on terrorism. She called Islamic terrorism, terrorism. Now that Hillary is losing Bolshevik Bernie Millennials to third parties, she’s going hard left to get them back.   It may have played well on another day than the day where terrorists bomb New York. It’s killing her now.

The media PC police will be the millstone around Hillary’s neck that sinks her.

Right now, you are witnessing a hard left turn. They will drag out hard core lefties like Obama, Bernie and Al Gore to court the hard left. The hard left despises law enforcement. The media PC police will continue to be the puppets of the Democrat party and continue this line of attack. Perhaps if they attacked Trump on other areas they would have successfully stopped him. Now that Hillary has entered Trump’s wheelhouse on anti-political correctness, it’s all over except for the crying.

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