The Media Missed the Possibility of a Trump Win because they Don’t Care about Middle America

The day after election day, newspapers across America announced they were “Shocked,” “Dumbfounded,” “Stunned,” and “Flabbergasted,” at Donald Trump’s victory in the election. In this modern age of science how could they not know? How could the polls blow it? Etc., etc., yadda, yadda, yadda.

Here’s the truth the press still ignores, the polls didn’t blow it—the press didn’t know that Donald Trump was about to become president because the truth was blocked by their own arrogance. They were happy to listen to people within the closed community of the mainstream media, but refused to listen to people outside that exclusive community.  Donald Trump listened to the problems of middle America, he spoke to those problems, the press ignored those problems.

We are talking about the people in middle America whose lives have become a struggle—it became difficult to put food their tables and protect their families’ health and well-being, and for the first time in America –that uniquely American dream that if they work hard their children will have a better life than theirs has become a mere memory.

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Middle America has been in great pain for a long time. The mainstream media not only ignored the pain, but they mocked middle America as ignorant, racist, and just plain too stupid to understand that the policies that were hurting us, were actually good for us. The press kept implying we weren’t smart enough to understand what was good for us…but the media and the government knew.

The “Tea Party” was an effort by middle America to inform the country about their pain.  They wanted jobs and a return to the Constitution that helped to make this country great. For their effort the mainstream media said they were fascists, racists and bigots. They never bothered to talk to the people at the rallies, well except for the one or two crazy people who showed up with the hundreds of thousands of good people. Even though the movement started during the Bush #43 administration, the press said the movement was all about hating an African-American president.

When the unemployment rate kept dropping the press refused to acknowledge that one of the reasons was so many people got tired of looking and dropped out of the workforce all together…they said it was a miracle recovery, and didn’t bother to talk to the families who in great pain and just stopped looking.

From the day it was passed Obamacare was a burden to the average American, rates rose immediately in anticipation of the plan was implemented. They lost the insurance and doctors they liked, and the sky-high deductibles made middle America pay for more of their medical expenses than ever before. But when middle America complained the media told them they couldn’t really be hurting—they were complaining because of the color of the president’s skin.

Trump talked about job losses and how he would bring the jobs back to America by cutting corporate taxes, the media said nonsense he was just trying to save himself money. America must raise taxes to make sure corporations were paying their fair share. Middle America knew how much they struggle and live from paycheck to paycheck..


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