Media Meltdown Has Mainstream Asking Twitter to Dump Trump

There are quite a few reasons why Donald Trump’s time in the Oval Office has been as revolutionary as it has, and not the least of which is the social media platform Twitter, of which the President is a big fan.

Donald Trump has taken Twitter to its highest level of relevance by refusing to hand over his social media devices to a team of experts, who would then cultivate the most efficient mini-messages possible in well-choreographed, boringly safe tweets.  This is the same technique employed by many of the world’s most enigmatic and powerful leaders, and has quickly become the new gold standard for free marketing space.

Trump isn’t like those other leaders, however, in that he is refusing to let a team of non-Trump’s swoop in to save him from himself.  Instead, Trump has utilized Twitter to preemptively silence his enemies, beat news organizations to the punch, and to clearly dominate the 24 hour news cycles whenever he so chooses.  Twitter is both a shield and a sword for the President, who uses the platform several times a day to disseminate his thoughts on the world at large.

Trump has recently been using Twitter to remind foreign leaders of both the scope and the scale of the United States’ abilities, not the least of which has been North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

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Kim’s incessant need to provoke the United States comes in waves, as his desperate population is starving and impoverish.  The “supreme” leader will escalate and deescalate in a pattern that often results in economic windfalls for North Korea that give the people of the nation just enough to prevent a violent revolt.

When Trump recently rebuked a threat from Kim Jong Un on Twitter, the leftist media lost their collective minds, and attempted to have Trump’s official account deleted.

“Left-wing media is up in arms, demanding to know why the President of the United States has not been banned from Twitter.

“Op-eds in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Canada’s second-largest newspaper, the Globe and Mail, have all published op-eds and analyses over the past 24 hours, all tackling the same question of President Trump’s continued presence on the social media platform.

“The Globe and Mail, Canada’s second-largest newspaper by circulation, published a strongly-worded opinion column calling for Twitter to ban Trump, even suggesting that the platform might be held responsible for nuclear war:

“‘Of course, we don’t know if Mr. Trump will succeed in taking us over a cliff after mocking someone as unstable as Kim Jong once too often, unleashing a firestorm of pain and unimaginable loss in the process. If it does happen, however, there will be blood on the hands of many people, and many institutions that stood by silently while the President laid the groundwork for chaos and destruction.’

“‘Among those who will have plenty to answer for are the powers that be at Twitter, which has allowed Mr. Trump to use the social media platform as his own bully pulpit from which he has harassed, threatened and used fear to silence voices of opposition in violation of the company’s own code of conduct rules.'”

This is only the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to this leftist hysteria as well, with several even more prominent papers getting in on the nonsensical tirade.

If there is a silver lining to this ruse, it is that the left has thoroughly outed themselves in recent months as nothing more than neo-Fascists in socialist clothing.  Their attempts to silence their opponents, through force or technology, belies their hopes for a left-leaning world, devoid of contradictory opinions and ideologies.

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