Media Manufactures Comey Firing into JFK Level Conspiracy

When the democrats lose, you can be assured that the media cycle to follow will become a maddening circus of exaggeration and deceit.

No loss was bigger for the left, in recent memory, than the embarrassing electoral shellacking of Hillary Clinton during the general election of 2016.  Where Donald Trump was, admittedly, seen as a novelty candidate early in the primary race, his message resonated strongly with Americans of all stripes.  When it came time for the ballots to be cast, the corrupt and untrustworthy Clinton was in for a nasty surprise.  Leaked emails showed that Hillary herself was hoping face off against The Donald in the general election, feeling that he would be the easiest to best.  Fortunately for America, Clinton could not have been any more wrong.

Now, however, the American people are being treated to an absurd and uncouth level of democratic propaganda against our President.  The mere mention of Trump’s name in leftist circles will lead to a feverish conversation about impeachment, impending doom, and the all too real liberal dream of assassination.

Just as predicted, the left and their minions in the mainstream media have attempted to pounce on President Trump’s firing of the incompetent FBI Director James Comey as some sort of high-level conspiracy…even though liberals were calling for his ouster not 7 months ago for the very reason that Trump indicated that his termination took place.  Now, one “news” man has taken his rhetoric to a new level.

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“Bob Schieffer just compared the firing of former FBI Director James Comey to the aftermath of John F Kennedy’s assassination.

“Schieffer’s comments remind me of the German Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. The news is no longer news. Propaganda is presented as factual. We have entered into an era of Orwellian Newspeak. Is there a real investigative reporter in this nation anymore or all they all dancing to their master’s music?

“’You know, there are some parallels [to Watergate],’ he said on air yesterday morning. ‘But I have to tell you, I think all the way back to the Kennedy assassination, to draw parallels. I was there, as you know. I have always felt that if Lee Harvey Oswald had been put on trial, a lot of these conspiracy theories that are still circulating today would have been put at rest then.’

“’It is absolutely imperative that Donald Trump finds a way to reassure the American people that these questions about Russia are not true if that is his version. He’s got to lay it all out and find ways not just to tweet out every morning the news is being made up by the news media.’”

This is the level to which the left has sunk.  We are now expected to believe that every move and every gesture by the President of the United States is a calculated piece of an enormous, conspiratorial puzzle that somehow behooves Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

Soon to follow will be insane theories about the origin of daughter Ivanka’s name and it’s relevance to Trump’s secret love affair with Russian culture.


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