Media Malpractice: Washington Post Makes September “Trump is Hitler” Month!

Like much of the mainstream media, the Washington Post  going out of its way to disparage Donald Trump.  But the Post isn’t satisfied with the normal biased reporting—they have gone above and beyond assigning 20 reporters just to dig up dirt on the Republican nominee.  That must have failed because now they are taking the lazy, but disgusting way out with inappropriate Hitler references. Twice in this month Post columnists have compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Perhaps the editors have designated September as “Trump Is Hitler Month” at the Washington Post.

On Monday they featured a column by Richard Cohen which said in part,

(…) while Trump is neither an anti-Semite nor does he have designs on neighboring countries, he is Hitlerian in his thinking. He thinks the truth is what he says it is.

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Mr. Cohen didn’t mention what despot Hillary’s lies reminded him of, but then again the post would never have a “Hillary is Hitler month.” While a Hillary comparison would be just as wrong, the fact that they are only creating a “Trump” month is incredibly sexist.

Six Day’s before Mr. Cohen, another columnist  Shalom Auslander wroteDon’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler.” 

In each of the columns, the writer states that the analogy between Trump and the Holocaust was wrong, before performing the acrobatics necessary to explain to their readers why it is appropriate in this one case. And neither one of them proves that in the case of Donald Trump this depiction is correct.

Hitler references inappropriate because their hyperbolic nature cheapens the memory of the actual horrors that millions of people including six million Jews (1.5 million of them were children). From a journalistic point of view the writer’s exaggeration is a sign of disrespect for their audience. Perhaps they feel their readers are not intelligent enough to understand their prose unless narratives are blown way out of proportion, or maybe they simply lack the semantic agility to craft the appropriate prose to interest and inform their audience

Allow me to explain the only cases where comparisons between Donald Trump and the Holocaust is appropriate.

The reference would be appropriate if Donald Trump forced people to tattoo numbers on their arms. Hitler choose that method of identifying the Jews because tattooing is prohibited in the Jewish faith (he didn’t realize that people couldn’t be punished for forced tattooing). Either way, if Trump never forced people to tattoo numbers on their arms then he probably isn’t Hitler.

If Trump murdered people cremated their remains and buried them in mass graves the analogy would make sense. I never met some of my family because the Nazis killed them, buried them in mass graves, and/or cremated their bodies

If Trump never killed, cremated, and buried people in mass graves then the Hitler comparison is probably not accurate…


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