Media Lying About ‘Muslim Ban’ to Cover for Obama

OK, Trump gets an F for his Administration’s execution of the new immigration order issued Saturday. Sorry, that’s how I see it. I still support him and think he will do great things, but the implementation of this particular plan’s a mess.

However, we’re being lied to by the media about something here — again.

After an afternoon split between googling and fading in and out due to the flu (thanks, dear), it seems clear to me now that the major media are deliberately glossing over some facts and trying to blame Trump for “banning” Muslim travelers from seven countries, when in fact, his order only specifies one country — Syria — which, lest we forget, we are at war with … or, at war with ISIS in … or at war for ISIS over? Whatever. We’re bombing them and trying not to collide with the Russians, who are also bombing … them … in … you get it.

So, where do the other six countries come in? I’ll bet you can guess.

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They were all included in the Department of Homeland Security’s implementation of the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, which prevented visas for certain people coming from, or who had traveled to, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, going back to 2011.

You can check out Seth Frantzman’s explanation here, but the short version is, we already had a de facto “ban on Muslims” under Obama, since December 2015, and virtually nobody complained. Well, some groups complained back in May 2016, but to no media fanfare, and certainly not to the vast, left-wing conspiracy-inspired hoopla going on now at our national airports.

And since those seven countries were chosen by the Obama Administration, that further means that the meme (you’ve probably seen it) about the countries being chosen because of Trump’s business interests is pure, unadulterated bull crap.

Now, Trump’s order to stop travel from Syria has triggered the mess at the airports because it seems that somewhere, someone in Homeland Security thought Trump’s order, put on top of the existing travel restrictions, meant stop and hassle everyone from all seven of those countries.

I’d also bet a week’s worth of cookies that the airport protests were planned and paid for in advance, which could imply a mole with ties to the agitating Left in the Trump Administration. (Cue shock faces.) 

Note that this also is not a “Muslim ban” because of all the Muslim-majority countries not on the list, which means Muslims from those countries, from most of the world in fact, are still free to come and go. Another media lie.

Also note, the seven countries on the list are ones that we’ve bombed the heck out of under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Obama — and virtually nobody complained. So, bomb them and you’re still a great guy, but temporarily restrict travel for the safety of U.S. citizens and you’re a monster.

So it seems the left-leaning MSM are once again glossing over facts because, hey, it’s Trump and we hate him. Meanwhile, the truly fringe Left media (the ones that are hanging off the carousel, like the Huffing-and-Puffington Post) are piling on more spiteful crap such as the “Trump business interests” story because, hey, it’s Trump and we hate him.

But Trump fans shouldn’t get down. This is the way business is going to go for some time, until Trump can win over enough people to drown out the sour grapes crowd. All in all, Trump has been racking up approval points.

Don’t let the media tell you otherwise.

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