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Media Ignores Trump’s Rousing Success in Poland

The world has never known anything like our community of nations. 

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— President Donald Trump in Poland

President Trump arrived in Poland to a hero’s welcome and that passionate support carried on throughout the day. He buoyed the hopes of a nation with glowing rhetoric and effusive praise for the Polish people. He reinforced the already strong bonds that the USA shares with the Polish nation, and he continued to lay the groundwork for a a very successful legacy of foreign policy work that his administration may long be remembered for.

The President had a productive day meetings with Polish leaders and delivering a wonderful address to the Polish people.

Throughout the day what became most apparent was the Polish people’s passionate connection to the United States and their exuberant hope that President Trump’s arrival would herald the dawn of a new, safer, and more prosperous age for Poland.

Sadly, here in the United States the mainstream media was busy pretending that instead of inspiring millions of Poles with hope, Trump was bashing his own intelligence community. (He wasn’t.) CNN’s Jim Acosta even outright lied about what was happening in Poland. However, the most important lie coming from the media today is what they aren’t reporting. President Trump spent most of the day hammering Russia’s aggressive posture in Europe and promising NATO that the USA would stand by them and answer the Article 5 call (the common defense of NATO members) if necessary.

Trump bashed the intelligence leakers and he bashed the biased media, none of this is new and all of it was called for.

Todd links it to Trump being soft on Russia, without ever mentioning that Trump spent the day talking tough on Russia.

On Thursday, President Trump spoke in Poland, where he laid forth his plans for NATO Article 5 common defense. He stated that the United States “has demonstrated not merely with words but with its actions that we stand firmly behind Article 5…Our defense is not just a commitment of money, it is a commitment of will.” Trump went on to explain, “Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield — it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls.” He even warned the Russian government directly: “We urge Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere.” Trump also stated his support for missile defense in Poland against Russia.

It’s shoddy commentary like Todd’s that has caused the rift between the media and the American people, but hacks like Todd and his buddies at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS don’t care. They are promoting a philosophy of leftism and they simply cannot allow a Republican President to be successful, so they will continue to actively attack everything he says or does.

You can count on it.

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