Media Hacks Don’t Do Research, Retweet Fake Rex Tillerson Tweets

New York Times energy reporter Clifford Krauss thought he had President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of sate pick on the ropes when he retweeted what he thought was ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s Twitter account.

It wasn’t.

Krauss went after a fake Tillerson Twitter account that was apparently created Saturday — the day before he retweeted it. Krauss went after Tillerson for tweeting “he is a patriot,” but other journalists on Twitter quickly questioned the legitimacy of the fake Tillerson account.

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Krauss, to his credit, eventually admitted he may have retweeted a fake account, but argued the “tweets didn’t seem fake.”

But Krauss wasn’t alone. At least two other prominent journalists went after the fake Tillerson account. Twitter suspended the account, but not before it fooled some journalists…


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