Media Globalists Are Outnumbered by Populists [VIDEO]

As reporters insist on reporting as if they aren’t part of their audience, it becomes increasingly obvious that they are simply all media globalists and they are losing.

Media globalists often speak and write as if they have to explain these populist movements to their audience.

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The perspective in the news clip above is also found in the AFP news story quoted below:

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Donald Trump and Brexit: 2016 was a year of populist earthquakes on both sides of the Atlantic, spelling huge uncertainty for upcoming European elections and the direction of US policy.

On June 23 and November 8, barely 20 weeks apart, millions of Britons and Americans rejected the establishment in what Richard Wike of the Pew Research Center interpreted as a surge of anxiety about globalization, immigration and terrorism.

Globalization and immigration have shifted the jobs market and demographics in the West. Many people, even in a country built by immigrants such as the United States, draw a connection between crime and immigration, Wike said.

Across Europe, from the Netherlands to Poland, from Sweden to Italy, comparisons with the 1930s have become an echoing refrain.

There are now a plethora of populist movements seeking to rise up against established urban and political elites, as well as against Brussels, and “return” their countries to the struggling middle classes.

So, after Trump takes office on January 20 at the helm of the most powerful democracy on the planet, will 2017 see populists also take power in Europe?

What is “off” in these reports and many others? They seem to be talking about other people when those people make up at least half their audience! If Donald Trump won the election (even if he did lose the popular vote by a few million), his supporters make up a large portion of the media’s audience. The same is true of Europe’s media. A growing populist surge means that now or soon the majority will be populists.

Media globalists are almost talking to themselves alone. They don’t seem to realize that they’re telling us about… us. Or rather, for some reason, they feel the need to explain to a shrinking group of people how a new majority is changing politics.

The story above referred to “struggling middle classes.” TV news earns revenue by selling advertising aimed at the middle class, so it should be obvious to news agencies that these new populists are a growing part of their audience.

Yet, the globalist media continues to have an insular discussion with people who think the same way as the journalists. Despite our growing numbers, the rest of us are excluded from the conversation. We are only discussed as a topic of interest to other people—globalists. We are never encouraged to be part of a discussion.

In talking this way, the globalist media is making the same point it did when it predicted Hillary was likely to win. They’re emphasizing to anyone who is watching that they are deeply delusional.

Suffering from delusions does not inspire others to trust you. The more the media acts this way the more they will increase the number of populists.

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