The Media and German Government Tried to Portray Terrorism as an Act of Suicide

They told us with a straight face that a Muslim who made a bomb and detonated it in public did so as an act of suicide.

If every act that a person does to intentionally end his life is an act of suicide, then the label is correct. But when an act of suicide is contrasted with an act of terrorism, it is a lie.

I missed the New York Times report three days ago on the bomber in Ansbach, Germany, but it was recently pointed out to me. I couldn’t believe this:

“We still don’t know whether the offender only wanted to commit suicide or whether it was his intention to kill other people as well,” Joachim Herrmann, the Bavarian interior minister, said at a news conference.

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A Muslim from Syria who made a bomb, tried to get into a crowded festival, and then detonated the bomb, killing himself and wounding many others was not merely trying to kill himself. That was obvious to everyone who didn’t have a motive to lie about it.

When Donald Trump says anything the New York Times doesn’t like, they don’t hesitate to try to make him look bad. Yet the reporter and the editors post this German government official’s ludicrous claim as if it is wise counsel. They’re waiting for the evidence.

Do you really need any more evidence that politicians don’t care about you?

Not only don’t they care about you, they have no respect for your intelligence. Obviously, you are a complete idiot if you can be expected to believe that a public bombing was merely an act of suicide. Both politicians and “journalists” (really propagandists) consider you a moron who can be easily manipulated to believe nonsense.

The irony is that there are people who will believe such stupid statements—those who are “more educated.”

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