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Media Fear Mongers (and Lies) about School Shootings

Why is the mainstream media constantly trying to drive fear into the hearts of the American people?

Countless media reports (see here, here, and here for a few examples) have been claiming that the shooting in Florida was the 18th school shooting of 2018, implying that we were undergoing some kind of “gun crisis” in our schools.

Thankfully, the media is again lying to us, attempting to gin up an extra level (unnecessarily) of terror within our populace. There have not been 17 other events like the one at Douglas High School. No, there has only been one other such shooting; on January 31st at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky two people were killed, and 15 others shot when a 15-year old student opened fire on a crowd of students.

The Daily Wire has information on all of the other supposed “school shootings”:

  • 2: On 2 occasions someone committed suicide on school grounds.
  • 4: 4 times a bullet was fired through a school or dorm window. On none of these occasions was anyone injured.
  • 2: On 2 other occasions shots were fired on campus. Again, no injuries were reported.
  • 2: On 2 other occasions shots were fired inside a school building, once by a child who pulled the trigger on an officer’s gun. No injuries.
  • 3: 3 students were injured in separate individual shootings.
  • 1: 5 students were injured in an accidental shooting in Los Angeles.
  • 1: A football player was shot and killed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • 1: A 32-year old man was shot and later died after a fight broke out in a Pennsylvania, High School
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None of these 17 so-called “instance of shooting” were of the variety we saw in Florida on Wednesday. None of them.

Only the shooting at Marshall County High School comes close to resembling this one, and really it’s the only one that should be considered when we talk of trying to stop such mass shootings.

The media is living by the Democrat motto of “never letting a good crisis go to waste.” They see an opening to attack and undermine the 2nd Amendment and they are attempting to do everything in their power to push our politicians into acting against our rights.

There are other, better ways to stop these mass shootings (like training and arming our school employees or hiring armed security staff for every school)… but the media is focused on disarming law abiding citizens, not stopping school shootings.

And this is the real reason they use fear to drive their reporting. 🇺🇸

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