Why Does the Media Favor Criminals over Law Abiding Americans?

The liberal mainstream media continues to focus the wrong aspect of most of President Trump’s policies. They intentionally ignore the truth, then twist the news in such a way as to vilify the Trump instead of criminals – people who have broken our nation’s laws.

During the presidential campaign last year, the media lambasted Donald Trump every time he pointed out that Hillary Clinton violated laws or acted unethically, even though the evidence was overwhelming. Instead of vilifying Clinton for her highly questionable actions, they went after Trump for mentioning them publicly.

During the reign of Barack Obama, many conservatives accused Obama of failing to protect the United States by not securing the border or fully enforcing the nation’s immigration laws. When many small hospitals and urgent care facilities within 100 miles of the Mexican border because they could no longer afford to provide free medical care to the thousands of illegal aliens in the area, the mainstream media ignored it. When ranchers near the southern border were threatened at gun point, their homes burglarized, livestock slaughtered, land littered and vandalized, the mainstream media ignored them. When the same ranchers lived in so much fear that they kept a loaded gun with them at all times, even in bed, the mainstream media ignored them.

Worst of all, when some ranchers near the border lived in so much fear from illegal aliens and drug traffickers, that they were forced to send their wives and kids to live with relatives further north, the mainstream media ignored them. When these AMERICAN families were torn apart because of the threats from foreigners illegally entering the US, the mainstream media ignored them.

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But when US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrest and plan to deport someone who violated American laws, the media is all over the story and vilifying President Trump and ICE officials for breaking up families. What about the American families that have been broken up by the actions and threats of illegal aliens?

Knowing that ICE officials are acting on the orders of the President of the United States and finally enforcing federal immigration laws, you would expect any and all illegals to keep quiet and not draw attention to themselves, especially if they are as educated as we are led to believe.

However, when one illegal decides to speak out against President Trump and then gets arrested, the media is all over the story and guess who they vilify and who they portray is the hero?

According to the media:

“Federal immigration authorities arrested a 22-year-old woman in Jackson, Mississippi, on Wednesday shortly after she spoke to the media about the detention of her family. Law enforcement had initially declined to arrest Daniela Vargas, who was previously granted deportation reprieve under the Obama administration’s deferred action program.”

The Vargas family came to the US illegally 15 years ago, which makes them all criminals and violators of federal law, but the media won’t focus on that aspect. Under Obama’s illegal DACA program, Vargas had been granted permission to remain in the US, but her status had expired.

“When the agents arrived, Vargas had a problem: Her DACA status, which has to be renewed every two years, had expired ― and because of the high cost of renewal, $495, her application had only been received on Feb. 10. (Vargas provided HuffPost with a copy of her receipt.) Scared, Vargas went into her house, locked the door and hid in a closet for hours while she sobbed and called her mother. Eventually, she says, ICE agents forced their way in with a warrant, guns raised. The house was searched ― officers had previously found a gun, which Vargas said the family owned for protection ― and she was handcuffed. As local news reporters arrived, she was eventually released…”

“Vargas told local news outlets about her story. On Wednesday, she spoke at a news conference organized by local immigration advocates to highlight immigrants’ contributions to the community, according to her attorney, Abby Peterson. Afterward, she was pulled over and arrested, and is now being processed by immigration authorities.”

“‘It could be retaliation,’ Peterson said. ‘They had been reading about her in the news, they had seen her at this press conference… [maybe] they didn’t want to hear it anymore. Maybe I’m mistaken on that, but common sense would certainly imply that’s what happened.’ Peterson said that Vargas did not have a criminal record, but had minor traffic offenses.”

“An ICE official said on Wednesday that Vargas was not initially taken into custody on Feb. 15 because she claimed she had DACA status ― but ICE subsequently verified that she did not.”

“Vargas was taken into custody on Wednesday during a ‘targeted immigration enforcement action,’ the official said. A federal immigration judge will now determine whether she is eligible for immigration relief.”

First of all, if Vargas was so worried about being deported, then why did she go to the media and speak out with her story?

Secondly, ask the mainstream media why they ignore American families being terrorized and separated yet focus their attention on foreigners who are in the US illegally and living as law violators?

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