Media Creates False Controversy Over Trump Tweet While Ignoring Hillary’s Actual Anti-Semitism

For the last 48-hours the mainstream media has been going crazy calling Donald Trump an anti-Semite because of this tweet:


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Now while I can totally understand that people believed it was meant to be a מָגֵן דָּוִד (Magen David which translates into English as Shield of David) commonly known as a Jewish Star. And that if it was meant to be a Jewish Star, it is possible the Trump tweet was anti-Semitic. But IMHO, the tweet wasn’t meant to be a Magen David, and if the the MSM really wanted to delve into the Antisemitism of one of the major party candidates they are looking at the wrong one. Despite how the liberal Jewish community adores Ms. Clinton, she has never reciprocated with good feelings toward the Jewish community (except when she needed their campaign money and votes). Hillary is an anti-Semite.

Let’s start with the Trump tweet.  I guarantee you that some low-level staffer found the image in something like a google image search. And yes I believe that staffer sold it up the line as a sheriff’s badge. In other words, it was a really stupid mistake.

Trump has a Shabbos-observant daughter (she even told Vogue Magazine how much she enjoys shutting down her electronics for 25 hours on the Sabbath). Trump’s orthodox Jewish son-in-law is one of his closest advisors, and he has three Jewish grandchildren–pretty hard to believe the man is a Jew hater…


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