Media Admits: If Trump Supporters were Harassing Democrat Electors We would be “Crushing” Them

Surprise, surprise. MSNBC does have a few contributors who are willing to be honest… sometimes. On Monday’s episode of Morning Joe the gathered pundits were busy reacting to the MANY different reports of Republican electors being harassed and threatened by liberal, anti-Trump thugs. Stories of threats, attacks, and fear were coming out from across the country as liberal operatives attempted to cow Republican Electors into voting against Donald Trump.

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The behavior of national Democrats was so appalling that the President-elect even tweeted about it over the weekend, saying, “If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names!”

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Liberal journalists Mark Halperin of Bloomberg, and Mike Barnicle a veteran of the Boston Globe, both reacted in shock at the deplorable behavior being displayed by liberals from coast-to-coast.

Halperin noted that Trump’s tweet was “the truest Trump tweet I think, ever.”

Barnicle went even further arguing, “if Trump supporters had done this, and Hillary Clinton had won, I mean, it — we in the media would continue to be crushing his supporters, which were widely misread, prior to the election, and the candidate himself.”

After months of the media calling Trump supporters violent and thuggish, even as the nation watched Democrats attack innocent voters, it’s nice to finally see someone noticing that the violence has been pretty one-sided. When Democrats are losing they ALWAYS turn to intimidation, destruction, and violence. One only needs to consider the “Occupy” protests and the anti-Trump protests to understand this fact of American political life.

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