Media Admits Obamacare Meltdown Coming [VIDEO]

Headline admits the next President will have to deal with a “possible” Obamacare meltdown. The cover-up is ending.

The Hill claims in its headline that the Obamacare meltdown is merely “possible.” But the very fact that it is running the story means it now realizes it is impossible to hide the coming implosion. It even admits this will happen in the very first month (“maybe”).

The next president could be dealing with an ObamaCare insurer meltdown in his or her very first month.

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The incoming administration will take office just as the latest ObamaCare enrollment tally comes in, delivering a potentially crucial verdict about the still-shaky healthcare marketplaces.

The fourth ObamaCare signup period begins about one week before Election Day, and it will end about one week before inauguration on Jan. 20. After mounting complaints from big insurers about losing money this year, the results could serve as a kind of judgment day for ObamaCare, experts say.

“The next open enrollment period is key,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The Obama administration has struggled for several years to bring young, healthy people into the marketplaces, which is needed to offset the medical costs of older and sicker customers.

These problems are coming to light this year, as insurers get their first full look at ObamaCare customer data. Some, like UnitedHealth Group, say they’ve seen enough and are already vowing to leave the exchanges.

In addition to holding out false hope for the next enrollment period, the article still tries to whitewash the situation by blaming insurance company posturing.

The story mentions Aetna’s refusal to expand in the Obamacare exchanges. There is much they left out. Consider this recent interview.

Did you catch that? The Aetna CEO claims there are two kinds of insurance companies under Obamacare. Those that are worse off and those that are “worse worse” off.

There is no “if.” The Obamacare meltdown is coming. The question is: What will the government try to do to deal with the “unexpected emergency crisis”?

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