Media Acts Like Swedish Immigration Crisis Is a Trump Lie [WATCH!]

The nation’s status as the rape capital of Europe should make us doubt the media’s denialism regarding the Swedish immigration crisis.

Donald Trump, during a speech over the weekend, mentioned the Swedish immigration crises causing so many problems in that country. He mentioned it with a detail that doesn’t seem to be true. Here’s the video from USA Today:

Why did Trump say something happened “last night in Sweden”? I can only guess. But that inaccuracy (see more on it below) had caused a media firestorm on Sunday. The Swedish immigration crisis has never gotten so much coverage!

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The New York Times begins their article:

Swedes reacted with confusion, anger and ridicule on Sunday to a vague remark by President Trump that suggested that something terrible had occurred in their country.

During a campaign-style rally on Saturday in Florida, Mr. Trump issued a sharp if discursive attack on refugee policies in Europe, ticking off a list of places that have been hit by terrorists.

“You look at what’s happening,” he told his supporters. “We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

Not the Swedes.

Nothing particularly nefarious happened in Sweden on Friday — or Saturday, for that matter — and Swedes were left baffled.

“Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound,” Carl Bildt, a former prime minister and foreign minister, wrote on Twitter.

If readers get past the headline and the beginning text they’ll get an admission that Donald Trump never claimed there had been a terrorist attack on Friday night or any night. So, there was no reason to even think that Trump was claiming there had been a terrorist attack. There are plenty of other problems that accompany the Swedish immigration crisis. For instance: becoming the rape capital or Europe.

swedish rape crisis

If you read further down the article, you find that Donald Trump simply misspoke. He was referring to an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight about the Swedish immigration crisis that had aired the night before. So, the entire question of a terror attack was a huge waste of time. They should have simply asked him rather than speculating. Here’s a video of the episode.

While the Swedish government continues to pretend that they have no problems, there is plenty of evidence that they are delusional or lying or both. If there was no rape epidemic, then why did police provide anti-rape bracelets to women—with the message “Don’t Touch Me” written on them? Never before the immigration wave did Sweden need such bracelets. And never before did the police devise such a lame strategy as a substitute for actually protecting women from sexual assault. The bracelets both testify to the crisis and to the government’s unwillingness to deal with it.

But the New York Times mentions no crime statistics. Instead, they settle the issue by appealing to an “expert.”

Henrik Selin, political scientist and deputy director of the Swedish Institute, a state agency dedicated to promoting Sweden globally, said he was puzzled by Mr. Trump’s remarks.

“I do not have a clue what he was referring to,” he said in a telephone interview. 

First, Trump was referring to an American TV news show, so Selin’s answer doesn’t mean anything. The Times is deliberately trying to give readers the impression that Trump was lying.

Second, a “state agency” is unlikely to admit that the state has imported thousands of predators to rape native Swedes.

Thus, the New York Times treats the entire Swedish immigration crisis as a fake news story, relying on assurances from a spokesman for a Swedish state agency. They treat a paid government propagandist as the last word on the matter.

They, like CNN, are “very fake news.”

But because Trump misspoke, an entire media cycle was devoted to the Swedish immigration crisis. Was it really an accident? Or did he do it on purpose?

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