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MD High School Jumps on Political Correctness Bandwagon Over Headdress

A number of liberal organizations throughout the country have been working to equate cultural celebrations with inexcusable appropriation.

This is merely one facet of the out-of-control political correctness movement that has been sweeping the nation in recent years.  These radical leftist groups have long been attempting to sterilize society, claiming that the mere act of recognizing the inherent difference of culture that make America a beautiful and diverse place is somehow offensive and inappropriate.

These groups have gone so far as to vilify caucasians who enjoy hip hop, suburban sushi restaurants, and any number of professional sports teams who’ve named themselves after the brave warriors of the past.

Now, one high school in Maryland is jumping on this anti-appreciation bandwagon, hoping to whitewash the Native American culture that their students are celebrating.

“A headdress worn during athletic events at a Maryland high school that has been part of an ongoing tradition at the academy has been banned as dueling petitions gather signatures.

“Nancy Doll, the principal of Linganore High School in Frederick, Md., confirmed Wednesday that the school would not allow the headdress to be worn by students as it had in previous years following complaints about it being offensive to Native Americans.

“Students vote for an incoming senior to become the ‘chief’ of the student section each year, which is called ‘the tribe.’ The leader wears the headdress for football and basketball games.

“’I understand that some people find it offensive,’ said Jacob Garwood, a senior at the school who was just chosen to be chief. ‘We never meant to offend anyone, but we take a lot of pride in this tradition and it means a lot to us. I hope there is a way we can work something out so we can keep the tradition but allow everyone to feel welcome.’”

Of all of the politically correct initiatives in America today, the new taboo of celebrating Native culture is one of the most baffling.

In the case of sports teams especially, the fearsome warriors of Native American culture are being celebrated, not patronized with teams such as the Atlanta Braves and Florida State Seminoles.  These are far from derogatory monikers, rather, they imply a ferociousness of character that players hope to bring into the field with them in their sporting quest.

Soon, if the liberals have their way, our nation will be devoid of historical reference, doomed to repeat the sins of our ancestors for time immemorial.

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