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McMaster Makes Massive Statement on North Korea; WWIII Fears Resume

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For decades, there has plenty of figurative ammunition available for those who would like to see North Korea’s Kim dynasty ended.

The ruthless regime of nepotistic “supreme” leaders has completely eviscerated the culture of their once-great nation, while simultaneously engaging in some of the worst human rights abuses that the world has ever been a witness to.  Not only is the nation constantly on the verge of famine, but the political realities of North Korea have sent an incredible number of its own citizens into the nation’s network of Nazi-esque concentration camps.

The proverbial cherry on top of the sundae of North Korea’s bad behavior, however, has been “supreme” leader Kim Jong Un’s insistence that he will one day reduce the United States and its “dotard” of a President to “ash and darkness” through the use of thermonuclear weapons.  While this would once have been considered wishful posturing by the dainty despot, 2017’s technological advancements in the rogue nation have proven that they are nigh capable of hitting Chicago or New York City with a hydrogen bomb.

According to the White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, however, we won’t allow Kim and his cronies to make another move in that direction.

“‘We can’t tolerate that risk,’ he told CBS in an interview Tuesday morning. ‘If North Korea has a nuclear weapon, who are you going to try to prevent getting one? Look at the regime, the hostility of this regime to the whole world.’
“When asked whether Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s high profile disagreements with President Donald Trump undermine him when working overseas, McMaster said no.
“‘The President has made very clear that on North Korea for example, now is not the time to talk,’ McMaster responded. ‘And what he means is, there can’t be negotiations under these current conditions … The problem is now that their programs have advanced so far we don’t have time to do that again and so we can’t repeat the failed pattern of the past.'”
The tone of the rhetoric between the two nations has increased dramatically over the course of the last year, with many in the global community seeing no possibility of avoiding a conflict at this point.
The U.S. will need to operate wisely on the Korean Peninsula if they are to avoid a mass casualty situation.  North Korea has long had massive artillery outfits trained on Seoul, the capital of South Korea, which lies only 45 miles from the demilitarized zone that separates the two still-warring nations.

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