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McConnell Related PAC Airs Undeniably Phony Information About Judge Roy Moore

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The Alabama Senate race is heating up once again, as the Washington establishment looks to maintain what semblance of power that it can against a surging reality.

Americans are far from content with the “business as usual” schtick of Washington D.C., as evidenced by their election of unconventional President Donald Trump.  The real estate mogul and reality television personality glided to victory over career politician Hillary Clinton in November thanks in no small part to the U.S. voters’ incredible anguish at the government’s lack of perspective for the average American.  Trump displayed a course of action that would nullify the status quo on Capitol Hill, and that outlook propelled him to an electoral evisceration of the corrupt and compromised Clinton.

Alabama’s current senate race is truly no different, as Judge Roy Moore is attempting to similarly take on the establishment as an outsider candidate.  Of course, this course of action has been met with incredible resistance from the Washington elite, with Mitch McConnell leading the opposition to Moore’s campaign.  This week, a PAC affiliated with McConnell took to the airwaves to attack Roy Moore once again, and fact checkers are tearing the advertisement to shreds.

“’Who will fight with President Trump to change Washington?’ a narrator asks in the new ad. ‘Not career politician Roy Moore. He’s on the wrong side of Trump’s border wall.’

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“’I’m going to tell you a little secret: Does it take a wall? I don’t think it would take a wall,’ Moore says in video played in the ad.

“The ad sounds damning. But in reality, it is not. The video is taken badly out of context, and includes two videos from two separate events spliced together to make it sound like Moore does not support the wall—when he actually does. The level to which Senate Leadership Fund went to deceive viewers of this ad is remarkable, and shows the desperation of Moore opponent Luther Strange’s campaign.

“The first part of the quote—’I’m going to tell you a little secret: Does it take a wall?’—is from an Aug. 19 event that Moore did at the Etowah County GOP breakfast.

“To make the attack complete against Moore, however, Senate Leadership Fund in the next quote included one sentence of a video from Moore’s appearance at a candidate forum on July 31 in Wetumpka, Alabama, hosted by the Wetumpka Tea Party. That event came before the primary’s first round of voting on Aug. 15, which saw Moore and Strange advance to the Sept. 26 runoff less than two weeks from now.

“The one sentence from Moore at that event that the McConnell-affiliated Senate Leadership Fund used is: ‘I don’t think it would take a wall.’

“Sounds bad, right? Well, not so fast. The full video proves that Moore actually does support building a wall. The full video is available on Moore’s Facebook page, which his team streamed live on the night of July 31.”

In the unedited quote from July 31, Moore says literally “I would – yes – support a wall being built”

This horrendously foul warping of the truth belies the level to which the Washington establishment will sink to cling onto what power they have left.

The writing is on the wall, and the American people have spoken:  Politics as usual are dead in the water, and McConnell’s PAC’s advertisement is the gasping, clawing, and convulsing throes of death that American government has been reduced to.

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