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McCain Dusts off “Snake In The Grass” Routine to Attack Trump…Again

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It has been well established that President Donald Trump is working for no one except for the American people.

While this week has begun with a bevy of new accusations being carelessly hurled in the direction of the Oval Office, most of this divisive drivel has been emanating from the usual suspects on the left.  CNN, MSNBC, democrats, and a litany of leftist lunatics have clearly been pouncing upon every morsel of malicious information that they can in order to defame The Donald.  It’s old hat at this point.

What’s more terrifying, by far, are the number of republicans and right-wing stalwarts who are quietly sliding toward the edge of this pit of resistance that was dug by democratic operatives in the wake of November’s general election.  There are conspiracy theories abound that a deep state coup is brewing against President Trump, and that those instrumental in its organization hail from both sides of the aisle.

One republican who is not keeping clandestine in his hopes of removing the Commander in Chief from office is John McCain – a vocal opponent of the President from day one, and master of the bait and switch.

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“’We’ve seen this movie before,’ McCain told CBS News’s Bob Schieffer. ‘I think it’s reaching the point where it’s of Watergate size and scale… it’s a centipede that the shoe continues to drop.’

“McCain’s comments add to rumblings among certain other Republicans on Capitol Hill who have signaled their willingness to abandon Trump over the allegations in Comey’s memo and reports of discussion of classified information with Russian diplomats. The Hillreported Wednesday that the Comey Memo was causing more GOPers to try and detach their legislative agenda from the president.

“McCain has been a proponent of the Russian election-influence narrative, and a central figure in Senate hearings on the issue. He expressed his dismay over President Trump’s decision to dismiss Comey last week.

“The six-term senator and 2008 GOP nominee for president has been a pillar of anti-Trump Republicans since shortly after Trump’s announcement in 2015 when the two became embroiled in a controversy over Trump’s comment on McCain’s time as a Vietnam POW. ‘Never Trump’ commentator Bill Kristol even called for McCain to intervene as an independent candidate on the eve of the 2016 Republican National Convention.”

McCain’s allegations are ultimately serious, even though, as a Senator, the frequency of his anti-conservative stances should have been alarming years ago.  By comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon, McCain is laying down the precedent for other republicans to follow suit, perhaps allowing the aforementioned deep state conspiracy to mutate into reality.

Meanwhile, as this charade of righteous indignation continues to permeate the Washington stratosphere, Donald Trump has vowed to continue striving for the goals he has set forth for America, despite the terribly lopsided picture being painted of him recently in the media.  Despite the massive backlash he is facing, now from all angles, President Trump is still committed to making America great again…with or without John McCain’s help.


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