Mayor of Austin Takes Shot at Trump Trans Ban: Come Be Cops in Texas!

President Trump triggered the entire liberal movement this week with his latest policy decision regarding the military.

In short, the President was forced to take a good hard look at the costs associated with maintaining a fighting force, and one glaring disparity that was discovered had to do with the immense expense of providing specialized medical care for transgender soldiers.  In an effort to squash those costs, and at the behest of military leaders, Trump announced that transgender Americans will no longer be considered for military duty.

The liberal media erupted, with Twitter and Facebook feeds becoming overwhelmed with radical leftist anger at the move.  Once again, the liberals were forced to play their tired hand of Trump’s imaginary bigotry in order to combat the move.  Americans were once again warring with their friends on social media over the move.  Hollywood was particularly vocal this time around, given that former President Barack Obama’s strange obsession with the transgender culture had turned the fringe American societal group into the cause du jour of Tinsel Town.

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Surprisingly, one Texas city is inviting transgendered Americans who are no longer deemed fit to join the military to serve and protect.

Unsurprisingly; it’s Austin.

“Austin Mayor Steve Alder returned fire on Twitter and invited any person rejected from military service because of their status as being transgender to come join the Austin Police Department.


“The Austin Police Department currently has a transgender officer, the Austin American-Statesman reported. Officer Greg Abbing served in the U.S. Army as a woman. Following that service and nearly a decade on the Austin Police Department, she came out as transgender and underwent ‘reconstructive chest surgery’ to alter her appearance. Since that time, Abbink served as a male police officer. In December 2014, the City of Austin added transgender surgery and hormone treatments to the city’s health care coverage for its employees.”

The liberal concept of President Trump as some supreme bigot has warped the entire way in which the left views the Commander in Chief.

Early in the 2016 election, the democrats were extremely quick to call “racism” in Trump’s general direction, due to the then-candidate’s belief that our nation’s immigration laws should be enforced as written.  From that moment on, Trump has been portrayed as discrimination incarnate by the left, skewing the entire political debate from factual to emotional in a deliberately overwhelming way.

The outrage over this military decision is just another example of the left’s inability to reconcile societal acceptance with job-specific requirements.

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