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This May be Justice Moore’s Last Stand

Most of us are familiar with the Ten Commandments Monument battle that Justice Roy Moore lost his seat as Chief Justice over. It is no secret that Moore is a Christian and claimed that he sought to practice law accordingly. Now, the 69-year-old may have seen his last day as a justice.

The issue is the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual unions and what exactly Moore meant when he sent an administrative order to probate judges on the ruling.

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Fox reported

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s defiance of federal court rulings on gay marriage violated judicial ethics, a disciplinary court ruled on Friday before suspending him for the rest of his term.

Moore vehemently denied that his administrative order was an act of defiance and said his personal beliefs had nothing to do with it.

The point of most hearings like this have to do with intent. But, there is no clear way to determine what Moore intended. The Judicial Inquiry Commission says the Moore was defying the federal government. Moore says that he was not. At any rate, the decision has been handed down, and one of the great heroes of the faith has taken his last stand for truth.

This may be a silly thing to some. The death of an antiquated thought process. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that, but what we must recognize is that this might be the last stand for this country.

Men like Roy Moore are a dying breed. The last bulwark against humanistic socialism, the certain death of our once great republic. And when they breathe their last, we may very well descend into a darkness yet seen in this land in 500 years.

And it may take that long to bring real light back to the despondency left in the absence of these men of God.

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