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Maxine Waters Makes ANOTHER Attempt to Propagate Public Riots

The nation itself is toeing a dangerous line in this day and age, as the vitriol and anger of the liberal left continues to mutate dangerously into some sort of uncivil, beastly swine.

The media has been feeding this monster, of course, as the cloven hooves of a possible “New Civil War” are heard beating in the distance.  Or, perhaps they are a figment of our imagination, echoed in the networks full of “news” that tend to dominate the television landscape.

These opinions of impending doom and gloom are the only game in town as well, thanks to the liberal death grip on media, both social and mainstream.

The manifestation of this coming conflict has been in the open for some time, and California Representative Maxine Waters knows it.  That’s why the aging Congresswoman has been hard at work cementing her legacy as an American insurgent and rabble-rouser in the late stages of her career.  Her famous “make them uncomfortable” speech was, apparently, just the beginning as well, with the angry liberal again imploring those unfortunate enough to be within earshot of her plans for a coup, or a revolution.

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Democrat Maxine Waters is at it again! She just doesn’t understand that inciting people to “fight” and “stand up to them” is NOT going over so well with Americans these days.

Even though she says she wants union teachers to “stand up and fight”, most Americans who support President Trump feel as though she’s going against them by going against our president and his policies. This isn’t working!

Maxine ranted to the United Teachers Los Angeles when she slammed President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos…calling for the teachers to “fight” and “come at them”.

And, as with all things Maxine, there is video:

Waters has, for better or worse, found a surefire way to gain attention in this convoluted media landscape.  Unfortunately, her spotlight-grabbing technique is undeniably going to get someone hurt…or worse.

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