Matt Drudge Reveals America’s Best Senator

Matt Drudge has been leading the conservative charge in America for almost 20 years now, and he’s done it primarily by sharing headlines from other news sources. In that way he has served to educate conservatives about what is really happening in the world, and about the stories that the mainstream media chooses to ignore (usually for politically motivated reasons). His website the Drudge Report was one of the first (along with World Net Daily [WND]) to challenge the mainstream media outlets head on, and his efforts helped to spark a revolution in media. Today, the mainstream media has begun fighting back by calling Drudge and other conservatives purveyors of “fake news,” simply because they disagree with our analysis of the day’s events. What they fail to recognize is that Matt Drudge doesn’t actually write any of the stories himself, no, he simply rewrites headlines and directs his readers to other sites (often mainstream media sites) where they can read the news for themselves. It’s not Drudge that the media hates, it’s the reality of what is happening in the world that they hate… because it proves their liberal worldview wrong.

On Thursday, Drudge was in Washington, D.C. having lunch with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and whatever the topic of discussion was it must have invigorated Drudge because as he left their meeting he tweeted this to all of his followers.

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Senator Paul’s spokesman Sergio Gor returned the compliment telling Business Insider, “Matt Drudge has a phenomenal take on the news and is a leader who others in the business can only hope to emulate. We enjoyed visiting with him, and we share a strong mutual admiration!”

That’s high praise from both men, and I personally happen to agree with Drudge. While I am an avid fan of Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Ben Sasse (R-NE), and Paul, I would argue that it’s Paul who has seemed to be able to get the most work done while still holding to his principles. The other conservative Senators have done wonderful work leading the way on conservative issues, but have seemed to struggle more with working with others and refusing to bend on principle.

What do you think? Is Rand Paul the “best” Senator in the United States? 🇺🇸

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