Materialism has Fueled our Cultural Decline

I always walk away with learning big things from simple lessons in life.

Have you ever watched American Pickers on A&E?  It’s one of my favorite shows. I always yell at the the  TV screen when Mike and Frank run into these characters who refuse to give up their junk. It blows my mind when they find a rusted old sign or a Model T Ford out in the woods sitting there, never used, and the owner  refuses to give it up.  You automatically think something is wrong with these people and have a hoarder’s attachment to things.

I think to myself I could never bring myself to be like that person.  The funny thing is, we are more like these crazy characters on American Pickers who don’t want to let go of things then you think.  I was offered a job in another part of the state and I accepted it and made a sudden move with a quick two week notice.  We got a 20 foot U-Haul trailer thinking that’s all we needed.  We ended up absolutely shocked realizing we needed to make two trips.  I’m so glad we were only about 2 hours from where I was moving because If my new job was a few states away we would of been stuck and in trouble with no resources to get a bigger moving Rental.

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I had stacks of bins and boxes of stuff that I kept that I brought with me.  My wife and I were considering stuff we should sell and what should we keep.   I had boxes of Louis L’Amour books that I’ve never read that I hoped to read and wasn’t sure if  I should sell it or keep it.  My wife has boxes of things as well that she’s been meaning to do something with that she is still holding onto.  After 2 trips with the 20 foot U-Haul of moving boxes of our stuff that we don’t need or use, those freaks on American Pickers are starting to look a whole lot saner.

My father who helped me move told me that in the several moves in his  lifetime that he has made across the country, he would continue to bring boxes that never get opened they just follow him where he goes.  My dad and mom have a thing for antiques. They will buy them and not have a place for them but just can’t seem to give them up. Finally they forced themselves to get rid of all the stuff they don’t use or need.  It was actually a weight lifted off their shoulders, and they didn’t miss their stuff at all.  They also made some great money selling it too.

It seems we live in a culture where we are pre-occupied with material possessions. We have emotional attachments to things. We are never satisfied, either. You finally move into the house of your dreams to only start dreaming of something bigger and better.

There’s always a brief period of time when you are moving into your new place where you have no cable or internet service and you are waiting for the cable or dish guy to come by and get you hooked up and plugged in. This short period of time hit me spiritually where things slowed down and in the quiet whisper you hear God speaking to your heart and you realize it’s really about just you and him and how futile the “distractions” can be. All our time seems consumed with endless distractions, too, in our age of a never stopping social media world.  You wonder why 100 years ago when there was no television or mobile devices and phones we had a more moral and godly American culture.  People spent more time on relationships and less time on distractions. The church was a force to be reckoned with. People invested their time and treasure serving others. Our church today is drifting as the body of Christ in America is are sick and anemic and have lost our way.

I’m looking forward to looking inwardly in my life and planning on getting rid of material things I don’t need and spend less time spinning my wheels on endless distractions.  Asking God to change my desires and choose to dwell on eternal things is my prayer.

The things of God are the only things that matter everything else will be swept away.

Lyrics – “Consider the Cost” by Steve Camp – to obey is better than sacrifice- and to hearken than the fat of rams – for what will a man give for his own life houses or money or land – there’s a way that seems right to you – but in the end it leads only to death – but come unto Him all ye weary – come and find your rest – consider the cost of building a tower – it’s a narrow way that you must come – to do the will of the Father – is to follow the Son – to love Him more than father or mother – to love Him more than your own flesh – to give all that you are, for all that He is – this is the gospel according to Jesus – many will say, “Lord, Lord” on that day – look what we’ve done in Your name “We’ve prophesied and performed many miracles – and Lord, even demons obeyed” then the Lord will declare unto them – the most terrifying words of truth” depart from me ye workers of iniquity – for I have never known you! – “oh foolish man, how you built on the sand – trusting in your goodness to save! – for when the rain falls, and the flood – breaks the walls you will be swept away! – but blessed is he who builds on the Rock – who takes Jesus as Lord to save! – for when the rain falls, he will endure it all – standing firm in His grace!

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