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Massive Terror Drill Set For Wednesday on East Coast, DC “Targeted”

On Wednesday, April 26 2017, the east coast of the United States will be subjected to a series of terror-related military drills that have some conspiracy theorists buzzing.

As Americans grow increasingly aware of the dangers posed by terrorists half a world away, our national security personnel have a different mission entirely:  Prepare the United States for the possibility of an enormous terror attack on U.S. soil.

While the military is constantly improving and reiterating the training that our brave men and women in uniform receive, the scale and scope of Wednesday’s drills are extraordinary.

“The drill will occur across six sites in D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland and will include hundreds of volunteer actors, emergency medical personnel, police and fire officials.

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“’Law enforcement officials practice and exercise their skills on their own regularly because that’s the best way to ensure we are always ready to respond quickly and professionally,’ Scott Boggs, the Council of Government’s Managing Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety, said in the release.

“’On April 26, we’ll go one step further and stage a very realistic emergency event involving multiple sites and actors posing as the casualties. However, there is no reason for residents to be alarmed because the exercise will occur in a controlled environment.’”

It is precisely the enormity of this mock operation and false terror attack scenario that has many in the conspiracy realm buzzing, fearing that the level of engagement of military personnel will either leave the country susceptible to actual terrorism, cause confusion with real-life emergencies similar to those planned in the drill, or, wildly, allow the federal government to execute a false flag attack with military assets in the mix.

There is even a thread on the popular social media news site Reddit.com in which one intrepid user has listed a bevy of historically violent events that have occurred on the date of April 26th, leading to the conclusion that the date itself has been chosen as a harbinger of doom:

“1942 – Coal mine explosion kills 1,549 at Honkeiko Manchuria 1945 – World War II: Battle of Bautzen – last successful German tank-offensive of the war and last noteworthy victory of the Wehrmacht. 1952 – US minesweeper Hobson rams aircraft carrier Wasp, kills 176 1962 – 1st Lockheed A-12 flies 1962 – Ranger 4 crash lands on (backside of) Moon 1966 – An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 destroys Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1968 – US underground nuclear test, “Boxcar,” 1 megaton device 1971 – Turkey state of siege proclaimed 1973 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site 1978 – France sends troops to Chad 1980 – Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site 1986 – France performs nuclear test 1986 – World’s worst nuclear disaster: 4th reactor at Chernobyl nuclear power station in USSR explodes, 31 die, contamination reach much of Western Europe 1990 – 126 die in a (6.9) earthquake in China 1993 – Boeing 737 crashes at Aurangabad, kills 56 1994 – Physicists announce first evidence of the top quark subatomic particle. 1994 – Taiwan Airbus A-300 crashes at Nagoya Japan, 262 killed 2002 – Robert Steinhäuser infiltrates and kills 17 at Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Erfurt, Germany before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot. 2005 – Under international pressure, Syria withdraws the last of its 14,000 troop military garrison in Lebanon, ending its 29-year military domination of that country. 2012 – 70 people are killed by rocket attacks by the Syrian Army on the city of Hama.”

Now, of course this all just pure conjecture at this point.  What we know for a fact is that a massive military drill will be taking place in Washington D.C. and surrounding locales on Wednesday morning.  How much you choose to believe in the rest of what these internet investigators are purporting is completely up to you.


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