Massive Internet Outages Ravage East Coast, Fiber Line Accident Blamed

The dependency of many Americans on their mobile devices and internet access was tested today on the East Coast.

Major internet providers up and down the eastern seaboard were reporting sudden, widespread outages Monday afternoon, prompting a great deal of social media speculation as to what may have been causing the disruptions.  Given the ripe political climate that the United States happens to find itself in these days, it is not surprising that many Americas found themselves concerned over the possibility of a large-scale attack on our communication infrastructure, or worse, an EMP attack by a defiant North Korea.

The reality of the situation was far more mundane.

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“It seems that Verizon and Spectrum customers are seeing the biggest issues, while Sprint and AT&T are having some issues.

“Spectrum officials said a backbone fiber line was cut in Wilmington and more than a dozen crews are working to repair the line now.

“A Verizon spokesperson issued the following statement:

“‘A connectivity issue caused a service interruption for some of our customers in Wilmington, Jacksonville and New Bern, NC earlier today. Our engineers worked with our vendor partner to resolve the issue and service was restored by approximately 3:30 pm Eastern this afternoon.'”

International volatility toward the United States has been at an high in recent months as the election of Donald Trump has propelled a great many foreign adversaries to begin posturing for position with the new leader.

Specifically, Russia and North Korea, who have both made outright threats against the United States since the inauguration of Trump.  This has led many to believe that one of the unhinged leaders of these nations will likely attempt to strike America at home sooner rather than later, creating a great bit of panic when massive lines of communication are briefly interrupted.

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