Massive Civil Disobedience Is Our Last Hope to Stop a Civil War


By Evan Sayet

The brilliant Evan Sayet recently took to his social media to express his dismay with the what had just transpired in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton.

There is a hierarchy of how one goes about redressing their legitimate grievances. The first is through the ballot box. But what does one do when there is so much corruption — things like both gerrymandering and outright voter fraud — that their vote is meaningless?

In the past, perhaps one might next go to the courts. But what does one do when the very basis of law has become so corrupt that our judges are political activists and the FBI sees their job as protecting one of their own and not the American people?

In the past, one might turn next to the media, hoping that, in exposing this corruption, the people might rise up in your defense. But what do you do when the media is simply a propaganda tool of their like-minded leaders, spinning every story against all that is good, right and true?

In the past, the next steps were to take action. First in this hierarchy was to protest. But what do you do when a million good, decent people come together under the banner of the Tea Party and are so peaceful and wonderful they don’t even litter and the Democrats, media and the rest of the Leftist machine simply declares you all dangerous and potentially violent “racists?”

Well, the next step is massive civil disobedience.

I had hoped this would take place in the wake of the Obama government shutdown (which the media lied and portrayed as a Republican down) when Obama opted to prevent aging veterans from visiting the World War II memorial in one of the most cynical and despicable acts I’ve ever witnessed (with the exception of all of the other cynical and despicable acts of the Obama administration like lying about Michael Brown’s hands being up when he was shot and the effort to rewrite and redact the words of the Islamic murderer in Orlando, etc.). It didn’t happen. But it must. Because, after civil disobedience, there is only one other means to addressing one’s rightful and righteous grievances and that is violence.

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