Massachusetts GOP Senate Candidate Calls for Love and Peace at Boston Free Speech Rally

If the people of Massachusetts care about their state and their nation, then Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai should coast to victory and replace his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, as Senator from the Bay State.

Sadly, Massachusetts is as blue as they come and while Dr. Ayyadurai is a brilliant candidate and would do a wonderful job, he’s got a tough road ahead.

However, Republicans shouldn’t abandon the cause because thus far Ayyadurai is running an excellent campaign and Warren is not the popular figure she once was in her home state. A poll from January had her at just 51% approval and some 46% of voters in Massachusetts were ready for a change.

At Saturday’s “free speech rally” in Boston Dr. Ayyadurai continued his strong campaign by giving a powerful speech and delivering a similar message to the one Democrats say Republicans don’t ever give.

In his comments Ayyadurai called for peace, love, and unity between all people’s, of all “races.” In response to his comments the crowd roared their approval and chanted for “love.” Afterward, Dr. Ayyadurai sarcastically told his Twitter followers that this was the rally the media was calling “hate-filled” and “white supremacist.” (Dr. Ayyadurai was born in India but immigrated to America at the age of 7 with his family. As such, he is NOT white, and yet… the conservative ralliers in Boston loved him.)

Here is Dr. Ayyadurai’s speech in Boston:

I want everyone to say with me: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

You are my brothers and sisters. We are one people, and we cannot let the power of darkness or Power, Priviledge, and Control — destroy the Light.

I want to you to see the light and unite now with other Americans or all races and background in order to take on the Establishment.

Be the light. Know the truth. God bless you. 

Part of Ayyadurai’s speech was directed at educating the media about the racist roots of the Democrat Party and their current leaders.


If you can lend support to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s campaign for the Senate, please do. He’s not as conservative as we’d like the GOP to be, but he’s as solidly conservative as we could hope for a Massachusetts Republican to be. He’s got a real chance at winning this race, but he needs our help to do it.

You can give to his campaign here.

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