Mass Sexual Assault Happens at Another German Event. When Will They Put An End to the Madness?

It seems that once again there have been problems in Germany. Several months back, we reported the sexual assault of hundreds of women on New Year’s Eve. The Cologne attacks were much like a signal of things to come.

Women in every country that have welcomed asylum seekers have had very similar events. Many places were becoming so bad that citizens have banded together to slow down or stop the sexual assaults. And many point to the attitude the Qu’ran has toward infidels.

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And now we see that the sexual assaults are not finished in Germany.

Breitbart reports

As many as 26 young women may have been sexually abused at a festival in Germany, with the attackers employing pack tactics to surround and isolate girls before launching their assaults.

The method of attack, which separates women from their friends and leaves them vulnerable to sex attacks and theft, has led German newspaper Die Welt to liken the attacks to the mass sexual assaults outside Cologne central station on New Year’s Eve.

These are the same tactics that the cowards have used throughout this phenomenon. Their goal is to select and then isolate a target. They surround and then assault and even rob the young lady.  And once again we see that there is not an issue with age. Many being young girls.

Breitbart continues

Some were so young, their parents reported the crimes to police, rather than the victims themselves. Police have not ruled out the possibility that more may come forward, according to reports.

Three men were arrested the night of the attacks, but several more are free, and will most likely attack again. There is no reason that they would not. But why has there not been an outrage at this behavior?

Since these types of attacks have become commonplace, none of the Islamic communities nor leaders have spoken out against these attacks. And there has been no widespread reporting of suspects.

It appears from their silence that this behavior is acceptable.

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