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Maryland High School Rape Case Proves Sanctuary Cities are a Haven for Criminal Activity

Anyone following the saga in Rockville, Maryland knows one thing for sure, the Montgomery County School system failed their students by bowing to PC pressure and allowing illegal immigrant criminals to attend school with much younger children. However, the greater burden of responsibility for the horrific crime that took place at Rockville High School falls to the Democrats who continue to support illegal immigration and the Obama administration that allowed a flood of criminals to enter our nation with no concern of repercussions.

If you’ve missed the story, a couple of weeks ago two illegal immigrant “children” (one was 17 and the other 18), attacked and raped a 14-year old girl in a school bathroom. The attack was brutal and the pain they’ve caused is irreversible. Now the community is holding the two young men, the school, the district, the state, and the Democrat Party accountable for the chaos and destruction being wrought by illegal immigration on a once peaceful suburban Maryland community.

Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Fox News that the Obama administration is to blame for this crime and many others just like it.

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She said the Obama administration, and its “disastrous handling” of the surge of illegal aliens arriving from Central America, is partially to blame, noting at least one, and possibly both of the youths were part of that surge. 

“The surge of Central American kids has become a significant problem in many of the school districts where they are allowed to resettle,” Vaughan said.

Montgomery County has one of the “more notorious sanctuary policies”, Vaughan said, and the police deliberately do not cooperate with ICE.  

“The result is that many gang members and other thugs and miscreants are allowed to remain in the county in defiance of immigration laws and causing problems like this,” Vaughan said, noting that just this week the city of Rockville was considering adopting its own sanctuary policy.  

“Montgomery, like others that have absorbed a large number of the Central American youths, has experienced a noticeable uptick in violence that has been attributed to gangs like MS-13, and this has been especially acute in the high schools,” Vaughan said. “This is one of the worst case scenarios that was bound to happen, and it’s not an isolated case.” 

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke would agree with Vaughan’s assessment. The Sheriff appeared on Fox News’ Hannity Show to discuss the surge in crime that Clarke argues is due in large part to “Sanctuary City” policies like the ones observed in Rockville, Maryland. Montgomery County (where Rockville can be found) is not formally a “Sanctuary City” but is on a list of municipalities that commonly refuse to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), this has led to a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the area and a rise in gang crime as well.  (Seriously, how do voters there not see the correlation between the spike in illegal immigrants, gang activity, and crime, and their decision to embrace sanctuary city policies?)

Sheriff Clarke tried to explain on Hannity how the rise in crime is connected to the liberal immigration policies:

“It breaks my heart to hear [about] Angel Moms,” Clarke told Hannity, “That’s the stuff that angers me,” he added, calling sanctuary cities an example of “failed policies.”

Clarke then referred to the two rapists as “subhuman creeps,” before expressing his gratitude that Donald Trump had been elected President.

“One of those guys was out awaiting a deportation hearing,” Clarke said, “we don’t need to change the law… just honor [detainers].”

Clarke called sanctuary cities obvious havens for criminal activity and said he thanked God that Donald Trump is now president and will handle those communities accordingly.

I don’t know how any official can sit back and say our communities are stronger because of illegal immigration, he said.

Not one to leave us without answers for the crisis, Sheriff Clarke recently explained at CPAC 2017 how he would end the Sanctuary City scourge.

Brilliant! 🇺🇸

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