Marshawn Lynch Becomes Latest NFL Star to Join Anthem Basher’s Club

While many were thankful to hear that Colin Kaepernick would not be gracing their television screens every Sunday, it seems that the anti-American sentiment will not be leaving the NFL.

The league, which took a serious hit in viewership after Kaepernick’s antics began to spread last season, has been struggling with an image problem due to their perceived lack of response to the behavior in which several players refused to stand for the National Anthem.  Kaepernick was the man spearheading the campaign, with a litany of losers lining up behind him to catch a headline.

Now Kaepernick is without a job, thanks in part to the circus that has been following him in the wake of his peculiar behavior.  It seems, however, that the damage has been done, as returning NFL Superstar Marshawn Lynch has continued the unfortunate tradition.

“With the NFL being rid of the America hating, anti-cop militant Colin Kaepernick after his seasonlong practice of kneeling during the national anthem, the league may be saddled with another problem child taking it to another level.

“Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t kneel for the national anthem during Saturday’s preseason opener.

“He sat on his ASS.

“The former Seattle Seahawk has long been notorious for his prickly personality and surly demeanor but being at the center of controversy is probably not what the Raiders had in mind when they lured him out of retirement.”

This latest affront to the National Anthem is not a good start for the NFL’s preseason.

The league has lost a great many viewers over the course of the last few years, affecting NFL ownership profits and television ad revenue.  If the league cannot find a way to control their players, and their image, this trend could continue to throw the league into disarray.


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