Marine to Bill Clinton on Benghazi: “Your Wife Tried to Cover it Up!” [VIDEO]

During a campaign event in South Carolina where Bill Clinton was stumping for his wife and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a man who identified himself as a U.S. Marine accused Hillary Clinton of lying about Benghazi and trying to “cover it up.” The man and the woman filming the confrontation were both escorted out of the venue by law enforcement officers.

The entire debacle in Benghazi was simply a CIA operation gone bad. The facility in Benghazi was not even the actual Consulate. That was just its “diplomatic cover.” The embassy in Tripoli handled all the consular functions.

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Christopher Stevens was the man in charge of acting as liaison to the Libyan terrorist groups who took over Libya following Gaddafi’s fall. He worked with these groups in collecting weapons from Gaddafi’s left over regime and shipping them over to the southern border of Turkey where CIA operatives were funneling these weapons to the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The FSA was comprised largely of Libyan Al-Qaida members whom the Obama administration had been using to try to topple the Assad regime in Syria. They’re the same militants that we used to topple Gaddafi’s regime – after which, the Al-Qaida flag flew on top of the Benghazi Courthouse. Forces were told to stand down in Benghazi, because such actions would have compromised Stevens’ operation and blown his cover.

So, was there a cover-up involved with Benghazi? Of course there was. But not in the way that most people think. It goes way beyond Hillary Clinton lying about a YouTube video being the motive behind the attack. The real scandal was that the U.S. was using the CIA annex in Benghazi as the cover to smuggle weaponry to terrorists in Syria.

That’s how our government accomplishes its geopolitical goals in the Middle East. It’s a lot cheaper to arm and finance a group of Muslim extremists to do what they’re naturally inclined to do than to send in our own troops, jets and missiles. And, it has the added benefit of our being able to blame the Muslim extremists and avoid responsibility.

No wonder Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as everyone else in the Obama administration don’t want to talk about Benghazi. And no wonder Hillary Clinton had her server wiped clean.

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