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Marine Le Pen Eschews Partisanship, Looks to United France As Candidate

The French elections of 2017 have further annunciated the conservative uprising that is occurring across the globe today.

First, we had the candidacy and eventual election of republican President Donald Trump in the United States; a victory that sent shivers down the spines of American democrats, who were forced to watch the meltdown of their candidate Hillary Clinton, and who are now fighting to keep any semblance of organization within the party.  Trump’s “America First” platform created an energy, a patriotic fervor that once again made America, in some ways, the envy of the world.

Now, France looks to be following suit with the so-far successful candidacy of Marine Le Pen.  Le Pen will be moving on to the second stage of the French election, but not before taking a moment to put aside party lines and be the most poignant candidate she can for all of France.

“French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has announced that she will step down as leader of her National Front (FN) party. Le Pen told TV channel France 2, ‘This evening I decided to take my leave of the presidency of the National Front. I will be above partisan considerations.’ Le Pen added that France is headed toward a ‘decisive moment.’ Attempting to widen the range of her voters past the parameters of the National Front’s traditional constituencies, Le Pen announced on television, ‘Tonight, I am not the president of the National Front, I am the presidential candidate, the one who wants to gather all the French around a project of hope, of prosperity, of security.’

 “On Sunday, Le Pen won 7.6 million votes on Sunday, the most ever for a National Front candidate. Positions taken by her party include drastically reducing immigration by implementing an immediate moratorium, then ‘automatically’ expelling illegal immigrants and cutting immigration to 10,000 per year; closing ‘extremist’ mosques; stifling free trade, changing France’s relationship with the European Union; fixing retirement age at 60  and instituting a 35-hour work week.”
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Le Pen’s success has been a bit shocking for the French government, as many were under the impression that the nation’s voter base fell far closer to the left than the center or the right.  As the election moves forward, we can all look forward to a healthy contest in France – one that could spark further conservative turns on a global scale.

It is easy to see why the world could be succumbing to a long-overdue tilt to the right.  After 8 years of disastrous American President Barack Obama’s policies, many across the U.S. and around the globe are ready to dial back the asinine and inane “social justice warrior” attitude that has tainted society.

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