What Margaret Sanger, Nazi’s, The KKK, and Women’s March Movement Have In Common

This past weekend, activists descended on Washington D.C. in a “March for Women’s Rights”.  But there is only one “right” they really cared about, killing their unborn babies. Organizers even prevented a feminist group from participating because they are Pro-Life, proving it’s not about women’s rights at all.

Most of the protesters honestly think this is an argument about choice.  They demand freedom in their reproductive lives, which they already have.  It occurs before the reproductive act begins.  

Regardless, to make sense of this death march, just look to it’s matriarch, Margaret Sanger.  Liberals tout Sanger as a woman of strong convictions fighting for woman’s rights.  They credit her with educating the world on birth control and sex.  However, this is a limited look at who she really was. To find the truth, study her friends, allies and her own words.

Sanger and her husband lived in Greenwich Village where she socialized with such New York elites as Socialist/Democrat Upton Sinclair and anarchist Emma Goldman.  In addition, she was a member of the Women’s Committee of the New York Socialist Party and the Liberal Club. 

After finding herself in legal trouble, she fled to Europe.  While there, Sanger had affairs with eugenics supporter Havelock Ellis and socialist H.G.Wells. She learned from her progressive friends how to use family planning as a cover to coerce people to their cause. This hid their true objective.  They really didn’t care about helping burdened families with birth control.  Their progressive agenda was to wipe out those they considered inferior.  Basically, blacks, other non-whites, the physically and mentally inadequate, the physically and mentally handicap, and the poor.

“Pro-choice” activists worship Sanger’s fight for the woman’s right to choose.  But it is all a lie.

 Upon returning to America, Sanger went straight to work pushing her progressive doctrine of the perfect race.  She authored a handbook for teenagers in 1915.  In it, she told girls, “Stop bringing to birth children whose inheritance cannot be one of health or intelligence.”   So, no babies that are sick and/or dumb.  Sanger’s family planning and choice method sounds eerily like Hitler’s aryan race plan.

Sanger published the following “Plan for Peace” in Birth Control Review (April 1932, pp. 107-108):  (emphasis mine)

-The first step would thus be to control the intake and output of morons, mental defectives, epileptics.

-The second step would be to take an inventory of the secondary group such as illiterates,  paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, dope-fiends;  classify them in special departments under government medical protection, and segregate them on farms and open spaces as long as necessary for the strengthening and development of moral conduct.

-Having corralled this enormous part of our population and placed it on a basis of health instead of punishment, it is safe to say that fifteen or twenty millions of our population would then be organized into soldiers of defense— defending the unborn against their own disabilities

In an article for American Weekly, “America Needs a Code for Babies,” (27 Mar 1934), Sanger provided the following insight:  (emphasis mine)

    Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.

    Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit

    Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.

According to Sanger, “Non-Aryan people [of the United States are] a great biological menace to the future of civilization.”  In other words, the “unfit” in Article 1.  To her, Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated”.   In fact, Sanger’s own brainchild, Planned Parenthood, targets black and Hispanic neighborhoods.  They contain 79% of PP abortion clinics   If Planned Parenthood is solely about choice, why are they so focused on preventing and killing minorities?

In 2012, more black babies were aborted than born in New York City . Black mothers obtained 42.4% of abortions while Hispanics received 31%.  These two minority groups alone made up 73% of NYC’s abortions.  And pro-life advocates are the racists?

Articles 4 and 6 prove Sanger did not advocate choice at all. Proposing the government grant a “permit for parenthood” is the antithesis of personal choice.  Instead, it is progressive elitists claiming understanding and kindness to the very population they wish to terminate.

Liberals constantly call Republicans Nazi’s.  Yet it was Sanger and her eugenics friends that inspired the National Socialists Party’s horrific genocide of millions.  In America, progressives pushed legislation that resulted in the involuntary sterilization of 60,000 people between 1907 and 1963, though it continued well into the 1970’s.

Hitler’s unpopularity forced the eugenics agenda underground after World War II.  Progressives needed a way to control the population. Sanger began pushing family planning over the perfect race. Enter abortion. Sanger started convincing mothers to voluntarily terminate their own babies. Their packaging may have changed, but the philosophy had not.

To prove how completely oblivious liberals are to their own ideology, Chris Matthews characterized President Donald Trump’s Inaugural speech as ‘Hitlerian’.   He meant it as an insult.  Yet his liberal, abortionist views and Sanger worship go hand in hand with Hitler.  Matthews and today’s progressives have no idea they march to demand the very ideology they claim to abhor.

Sanger’s desire to irradiate “human weeds” led her straight to the Ku Klux Klan.  She gave speeches to the KKK and similar organizations, discussing their similar goals.  To cover her racism, she worked with blacks leaders.  In a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, an heir of Proctor and Gamble, Sanger wrote the following:

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.  We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Today women parade around D.C. with vaginas on their heads, demanding they have a right to murder their offspring.  Yet how many know their idol thought a good portion of them were too stupid, unfit, diseased, inferior, or basically, not good enough to reproduce?  If Sanger we alive today, she would have been at the march sterilizing as many of them as she could.

Sanger not only achieved her goal of killing the unfit, she has the mothers pridefully and voluntarily participating.  Sanger doesn’t care why women do it, as long as it gets done.

No society is more diseased than one that glorifies the execution of their own children.  People continue to support PP, claiming they do more for women than just rip their babies out.  That is morally equivalent to saying, “Nazis may have killed 6 million Jews, but they built the autobahn.”

If only these “brave” protesters would take the time to learn what they are really fighting for.  If they did, they might return to D.C. this coming weekend and march with truly brave women in the March for Life.

But that’s just my 2 cents.

Pamela Adams

Pamela J. Adams maintains TheFactsPaper.com which includes her blog Liberating Letters. She is a stay-at-home mom who began researching history, science, religion, and current events to prepare for home schooling. She started Liberating Letters as short lessons for her daughter and publishes them for everyone’s benefit. Pamela has a Degree in Mathematics and was in the workforce for 20 years as a teacher, Marketing Director, Manager and Administrative Assistant. She has been researching her personal family history for over 24 years, publishing 3 books on her family’s genealogy. Follow her @PJA1791 & www.TheFactsPaper.com. You can find her books Here.

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