Marco Rubio Proves Every Trump Scandal Story Wrong during Comey Hearing

While the FBI (and other intelligence agencies) should continue their investigations into what Russia may or may not have done during the 2016 campaign, every whiff of scandal surrounding the Trump administration should now be put to rest.

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey was more open about the past few months than he has been at any point before today. The liberal media is focusing on the fact that Comey twice called President Trump a liar, but they’re ignoring the fact that Comey was saying Trump was lying about “why” Comey was fired. On every other aspect of the chaos swirling around the President Comey managed to vindicate the President and prove most of the media furor wrong.

One Senator expertly unmasked every angle of Trump-phobia and used Comey’s own words to prove that the President has done nothing wrong (except maybe lie about why he fired Comey, which is Comey’s opinion). Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) dissected Comey’s lengthy statement to Congress, and then dove in and applied his testimony to as many of the “fake news” Trump stories as he could… and the result was clear to anyone paying attention; President Trump did nothing wrong.

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So what did Rubio say (or get Comey to say) that put all of the Trump-skeptic media stories to bed. Watch for yourself as Senator Rubio tears away all of the negative press and gets to the truth about what has been happening behind closed doors for the last few months.

Rubio expertly reveals that there are really only 3 major issues at play here, and only 3 things that should concern us about anything the President has done over the last few months:

  1. Trump asked for Comey’s “loyalty.”
  2. Trump asked Comey to let the “Mike Flynn thing go,” a sentiment he repeated in the media the very next day.
  3. Trump asked Comey to tell America what he had already told Trump and Congress – that he wasn’t under investigation.

The first issue on this list was heavy-handed and something that President Trump should have known was the wrong thing to do. The second issue, according to Comey’s on testimony, seemed to be a matter of a friend advocating for a friend, and not an attempt to pressure Comey to not pursue justice. According to Comey’s testimony the President truly believes that Flynn did nothing wrong, and was simply a victim of the witch hunt against Trump. Finally, the last request makes perfect sense, especially since the media was constantly arguing that Trump was indeed under investigation.

Comey agreed that these were the core issues at play here, which is when Rubio asks “This investigation is full of leaks… did you ever wonder why, of all the things in this investigation, the only thing that has never been leaked is the fact that the President was not personally under investigation…?”

Of course, Comey didn’t have a clear answer, but it was perhaps the most important moment of the hearing as it perfectly unmasks what is REALLY happening in D.C. right now; there is an establishment directed witch hunt aimed at President Trump and they are attempting to do everything they can to undermine his administration.

In fact, Rubio’s questioning of Comey proved something else about the rumors swirling around on  the Trump-Russia connection. It proved that there is no reason to doubt the President’s honesty on the Russia issue. According to Comey, Trump didn’t try to stop the Russia investigation, he actually encouraged Comey to go further and find everything there was to know about what happened!

Comey’s testimony proves that “the worst” thing the President did over the last few months was ask for Comey’s “loyalty,” which while distasteful should barely register in the media with the world in as much turmoil as it is.

So, if this is the worst that Comey’s got for us… why are we still talking about any of this?

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