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Is Marco Rubio Confused About Which Country He’s Running for President Of? [VIDEO]

If [score]Marco Rubio[/score] is promising to serve American voters if elected President, he has a strange way of showing it.

Whom Marco Rubio is promising to serve was communicated rather bluntly not only by the candidate’s words, but by the less than subtle backdrop behind him. I find it ironic that amid all the noise about dual citizenship and Ted Cruz’s eligibility for office, another candidate would be so unapologetic about his dual loyalties.

Look, I understand that Israel is our ally and all that. But Marco Rubio is promising to be Israel’s “friend” like we are supposed to make a decision about who we want as President on the basis of the interests of a foreign nation. At a time when Trump is winning by appealing to the interests of the working class, Rubio is appealing to the interests of a country on the other side of an ocean and a continent.

As the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports,

Speaking at a Florida synagogue, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio promised that if he were elected president, “Israel will not have a better friend than me.”

“We are going to take a side and we are going to be on Israel’s,” the Florida senator said, according to USA Today. “I think Israel is willing to be incredibly accommodating and have proven their willingness to do so. The Palestinian Authority has never shown any willingness, in fact they have turned down some very generous offers in the past.”

So what does it mean to be Israel’s best friend? Does it mean we will get American soldiers killed for the sake of Israel’s national interest, including our daughters?

This is an issue I would like to see Marco Rubio explicitly explain.

Also, it would be interesting to hear Rubio distinguish between friendship with Israel and friendship with the current administration, which could be voted out at their next election.

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