Alex Jones

Marco Rubio Gets Heated with Alex Jones in Halls of Congress

As social media giants began to gather on Capitol Hill for grilling by a Senate committee, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was ready to pounce.

The embattled host of Infowars, a media entity that specializes in inflammatory and conspiratorial content, had recently been removed nearly simultaneously by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Spotify for violations of certain “hate speech” regulations.  Jones has yet to receive a more accurate description of his removal from these platforms, prompting him to travel to Washington DC to crash these social media hearings in a stunt he’s alleging will allow him to “face his accusers”.

During the hoopla, Jones spotted Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and with intense and cutting sarcasm nearly provoked the legislator into a round of fisticuffs.

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During the altercation, Jones patted Rubio on the back, at which point the Florida senator took a more serious tone and security closed in.

“Hey don’t touch me again, man, I’m asking you not to touch me,” Rubio said, to which Jones said he “just patted you nicely.”

“I know, but I don’t want to be touched by you, I don’t know who you are.” Rubio said.

At that point, Jones said Rubio wanted him arrested.

“You’re not going to get arrested man, you’re not going to get arrested, I’ll take care of you myself,” Rubio warned Jones, which set the InfoWars host off.

Jones is quite the pontificator when prompted in such a manner.

“Oh, he’ll beat me up? You’re not going to silence me, you’re not going to silence America,” he told Rubio. “You are literally like a little gangster thug, Rubio just threatened to physically take care of me.”

Rubio ignored Jones for the rest of the gaggle with reporters, as Jones continued to heckle him and pose questions to the media: “I wonder why Rubio got so mad and physically threatened me?”

Rubio eventually headed to the hearing, but had one more parting shot for Jones.

“We gotta go to the committee, you guys can talk to this clown,” he said.

Jones has become a high profile figure in the media as of late, thanks to his abhorrent transmissions regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

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