Sharia Law

Marches Against Sharia Law Taking Place Across the USA Today

In a move that will surely be denounced by American leftist, protests against the cruel and unusual punishments of Sharia law are taking place across the country.

The practice of Sharia law, a strict, orthodox set of rules derived from the Koran with no regard to modern society, has been of growing concern around the globe.  In areas particularly hard hit by the Syrian refugee crisis, these suddenly migrant-rich neighborhoods are quickly reverting to Sharia enforcement, which, in the minds of many Muslims, trumps state, local, or federal laws.  Couple this with the fact that these migrants are often being relocated to areas within cities devoid of population, and therefore not receiving the police attention needed to protect a new migrant clientele.

ACT for America, the group organizing the marches, has come under fire from liberal rights groups who wish to see ACT labeled as a “hate” group due to their anti-Sharia message.  ACT, however, is more focused on preventing religious law from overtaking Constitutional law in America than it is with the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ACLU’s designations.

“ACT initiated the ‘Stop Shariah Now’ campaign in 2008. The SPLC said the group’s website described its mission ‘to inform and educate the public about what Shariah is, how it is creeping into American society and compromising our constitutional freedom of speech, press, religion and equality what we can do to stop it.’

“More than 13 states have introduced bills banning Sharia law as a result of the campaign, Beirich said.

“’It is absolutely impossible for any religious law to take over U.S. law,’ Beirich said. ‘The Constitution stops it, there is a separation of church and state,’ she said.

“Another staple of the group is the Thin Blue Line Project, which is a ‘Radicalization Map Locator’ that lists the addresses of almost every Muslim Student Association (MSA) in the country, as well as a number of mosques and Islamic institutions. The project, accessible only to pre-registered law enforcement, describes itself as a ‘one-stop internet resource for information concerning the perceived threat of Muslim infiltration and terrorism in the country,’ according to the SPLC.”

The do-nothing, bleeding heart liberals are having themselves a heyday with the protests, claiming that it proves their ludicrous claims about ACT to be true.

In reality, however, ACT is merely protecting the Constitution of the United States – a document that protects the rights of Muslims across the nation to practice their faith unimpeded.  The same holds true for the Jewish population of America, as well as the Baptists, Catholics, and assorted branches of Christianity.  It’s a beautiful diversity that we have in this nation, and that menagerie of faith cannot be allowed to fall under siege by any one religion’s beliefs imposing faith-based laws on Americans of any God.

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