School Shooting

“March For Our Lives” Grassroots Credibility Goes Up in Flames

Today marks the culmination of over a month’s worth of liberal lunacy, as high school students from around the country descend upon Washington D.C. for the “March For Our Lives” against the Second Amendment.

The impetus of this supposedly “grassroots” movement came to us from Parkland, Florida, where a young man with an incredibly powerful mental illness killed 17 people and wounded several others before being taken into custody on Valentine’s Day.

The killer, Nikolas Cruz, admitted to authorities that, not only was he responsible for the rampage, but that he was instructed in his atrocities by demonic voices that he heard within his own head.

Of course, the liberal left pounced on the attack in order to blame the Second Amendment, even after it was revealed that no earthly means of persuasion would have stopped the actions of Cruz, who was not working with a full deck at the time of the incident.

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Furthermore, as we broke here at, local and federal authorities were well aware of Cruz and his intentions, yet did nothing.  Even worse, (if there even exists a degree of incompetence as “worse” than that), is that the Broward County Sheriff’s Department opted to abandon protocol when arriving at the active shooter situation.  Instead of entering the school to confront Cruz, which is what their training documents reveal as appropriate, these pathetic police officers stood outside, effectively allowing Cruz to complete his massacre before entering the school.

Now, in order to fully exploit this tragedy for themselves, the left is propping up the children of Parkland, Florida by providing them with plenty of mainstream media airtime.  You see, these students had spent the last year preparing their debate team for a gun control argument – making for the perfect, baby-faced punditry posse falling in the lap of the lunatic liberals.

These students then “organized” the March For Our Lives, which is taking place in Washington D.C. today.

Or did they?

The Florida teens spotlighted by the media leading up to the march say it is about youth and its “gun control” message, but documents show that adults are responsible for much of the D.C. event and so-called “sibling” marches, including putting into place the logistics necessary to pull it off.

The March for Our Lives Action Fund, for example, was registered with the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs on Feb. 21, 2018 as a Deleware-based organization with a business address in Encino, California.

The agent for the fund is listed as CT Corporation System, a D.C.-based firm that handles compliance issues. Jeri Rhodes is listed as the executing officer for the filing.

Rhodes is the Associate Executive Secretary for Finance and Administration for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, which is a Quaker lobbying group with the goal to “advance peace and justice.”

Rhodes’ LinkedIn profile states that she once worked for Greenpeace.

Earlier reports also indicated that notorious left-leaning globalist George Soros was also throwing his considerable economic weight behind this latest prop in the battle against the right to bear arms.


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