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MANHUNT! Radical Leftist Disappears After Promising to Kill POTUS!

Today’s headlines have already been dominated by the pure and unadulterated hate that the liberal left holds for the populist, popular President of these United States.

This could be considered a side effect of the mainstream media and their attempts to create a cognitive dissonance between We The People and reality.

In reality, President Trump’s approval rate is soaring, and embarrassing former President Barack Obama at every turn, yet the mainstream media insists on showing us only discontented democrats and scowling millennial protesters who have been suckling at Wolf Blitzer’s teat for their entire “adult” life.

The latest attempt by the media to delegitimize the President has come via their coverage of Obama-era immigration policies that are just now being enforced by the law enforcement officers on our southern border.  This is not something new that we are just now experiencing, but the media’s coverage of these tactics is something new.  They wouldn’t dare tarnish the legacy of Barack Obama, the patron saint of blind progressivism, but they will bend over backwards and sell their first born in order to disparage The Donald at every turn.

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This constant, slanting dog whistle of the mainstream media has manifested itself in inexcusable violence.  From Kathy Griffin to James Hodgkinson, the left has proven time and again that they are out for blood.  Now, they’ve managed to push a Pennsylvania man over the edge and into dangerous territory.

Worse yet, that man has gone invisible.

U.S. Marshals are searching for a Central Pennsylvania man accused of threatening President Trump and other officials.

WNEP reports that Marshals are looking for 26-year-old Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pennsylvania.

Authorities say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Apparently, the man is a serial threatener.

WNEP also reports that this isn’t the first time Christy has been in trouble for making threats.

He and his father were sentenced to probation in 2012 for making hundreds of threatening phone calls to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her attorney.

Christy was featured prominently on a number of wanted posters.

Hopefully, Christy can be located and apprehended before he makes good on his promises.

While authorities are on the hunt for the liberal lunatic, we must all work together to curb the radicalization of the left and their cretinous cronies.  The sheer scope of the threats that face our President are unprecedented and inexcusable, and must be stopped at all costs.  If not, we are headed for a national reckoning the likes of which we may have never seen before.

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